Baby On Board: 4 Ways To Keep Your Little Ones Safe On The Road

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Baby On Board

The parental instinct to protect children is strong. Parents do anything to make sure their kids are safe. This extends to time spent in the car, as parents want to prevent accidents and other issues. Fortunately, there are many ways to make sure you and your children are as safe as possible when you’re on the road. Here are four of the most important ones.

Find the Right Car Seat

First and foremost, parents should be sure to purchase the right car seat for their child. Make sure that the one you purchase is a federally-approved car safety seat. Otherwise, you cannot be sure that it’s doing all that it needs to. Car seats come in different sizes, so keep updating the seat as your child grows. Always make sure that it is in the backseat, and if your child is under two, face the seat toward the rear of the car.

Keep Your Child Out of the Front Seat

The longer you wait to let your child into the front seat, the better. Children should probably be around ten years old before they are able to sit in the front seat.  Waiting till they’re twelve would probably be even better. Airbags are designed to stop bigger people, so the more they weigh the better.

Car Tire Safety

One of the most preventable types of car accidents are those that involve car tire blowouts, and you do not want this to happen while you are in the car with your baby. Professionals, like those at Evan’s Tire & Service Centers, know that to maintain optimal performance, tires should be at the right air pressure, they should be properly aligned, and should be rotated on a regular basis. Be sure you regularly have them checked by a professional, but also perform your own routine checks. Take a visual of your tires before you start driving to make sure they don’t look low, and take note if you hear any odd noises or feel the car dragging to one side while you drive. These can be indicative of a tire issue that needs attention.

Stay Aware of Your Baby

There are some great precautions to take to make sure you don’t forget your baby is back there! Put your phone in the backseat so you always have a reason to go back there. You can also ask your daycare to call you if your child does not show up, ensuring they are never forgotten.

These four important tips can make the difference between a safe trip and a car accident. Make sure you and your children are safe on the road but keeping them in mind.