Average Preemie Costs $49K in First Year

Preemie Baby Photo from Pixabay

This week CNN published Study: Average preemie costs $49,000 in first year.

The average cost of medical care for a premature or low birth-weight baby for its first year of life is about $49,000, according to a new report from the March of Dimes Foundation. By contrast, a newborn without complications costs $4,551 for care in its first year of life, the report said. Newborns with other kinds of complications, such as congenital defects, have medical expenses of $10,273 on average in the first year. Read Entire Article.

I think $49,000 seems like a low estimate. Considering by definition that a premature baby is one born before the 37th week of pregnancy, I can see how that can skew the results.  My youngest daughter, Tatym, was born over 3 weeks early (thus before the 37th week), but was still happy and healthy and a bouncing 7 lb. 4 oz. I didn’t consider her a preemie at all.

Whereas my twins were born over 13 weeks premature, and they maxed out the $1 million lifetime benefits on our health insurance.  See why I call Macy and Mallory my million dollar miracle babies?

I wonder how much the Octuplets‘ care is going to cost?!  I think I’m going to dress up as Octomom for Halloween this year!

Kim Rowley is the mother of preemie twin daughters, Macy and Mallory, born January 27th, 1994 over 13 weeks early weighing 2 pounds each. She calls them her "million dollar miracle babies." Follow Kim on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.