Are you an Overwhelmed Mama?

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Shoes in a row

Mama, are you tired? Do you feel like you have given and given, till there is nothing left to give?

To moms of many young children the days can be a blur of activity sometimes. From the moment we wake, till into the night we are called upon to pour out ourselves for these little ones. And in the night season, we are still there ready to hear the cries for these precious ones we love so much.

I would like to offer you a few brief tips that might encourage those who feel overwhelmed with so many tiny fingers and toes, chubby cheeks and mouths to care for.
1. Remember that this is a season in your life. There will come a day when they can tie their own shoes, buckle themselves in and (gasp) even start the car for you! They will learn to cut up their own food, pour their drinks and dress themselves. And it will happen in the blink of an eye. After this season is over, you will miss all those little things that seem to swallow up your time right now.

2. Learn to do things in an assembly line fashion. Line up the little ones and tie all their shoes at the same time. Set out the plates and dish them all up at once before serving. Take them all in the bathroom at once and brush their teeth all together.

3. Go paper! It is a season in your life where paper plates are an amazing help. Use them!

4. Set up a “buddy system” where each child has their own buddy sibling. They can help keep tabs on each other as you walk into the store, or go different places. Even little ones can assist each other in ways we would be surprised.

5. When you get in the car do a “sound-off” or “countdown”. Have each child from oldest to youngest call out their name to assure everyone that no one is missing.

6. Have a quiet time every day. Even after your littles outgrow their naps. Enforce a time when they all must read, play legos on their bed, or otherwise quiet time in the whole house. This gives mama a much needed break in the day to refresh her for the rest of the evening.

7. Make sure you take care of yourself physically. Take the time to exercise and eat well. Remember those vitamins!

8. Take a moment each day to step back and really enjoy your children. Kiss their muddy faces, tickle their fat tummies, splash with them in the sprinkler, sing them a silly song. These are the memories that will mean so much when they look back at these busy but special times. So don’t forget to enjoy them!

Remember, Mama… The work you are doing is the most important job in the world…raising the next generation! It is your high calling and will have lasting impact. Look to the One who gave you these precious gifts and seek Him to be faithful to these little ones He has given you.

Jenny is a blessed mama to seven precious children (ages 13 down to the newest due in April). Visit her blog over at A Mother’s Heritage.

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