Adorable Birthday Party Ideas For Summer Babies

Adorable Birthday Party Ideas For Summer Babies

For babies who were lucky enough to be born during the long, hot days of summer, their birthday parties are often (quite literally) a splash! For the parents of summer babies who want something more exciting than just a basic party at the pool or beach, here are five adorable and easy birthday party themes to celebrate your little one’s special day.

Sea Creatures Birthday Party

From a fearsome shark, to a cute clown fish, there are plenty of ocean dwellers to pick from with this theme. Choose a blue and green color scheme with pops of coral to make your guests feel as if they are under the sea. If you’re creative, make a fun shark photo prop with the mouth area cut out. You could have the party poolside, and hire a swim instructor to teach the little ones some fun new ways to swim like their favorite ocean creatures. Serve sushi or fish-shaped cheese crackers to complete the theme. Favors are easy: wrap up small bags of gummy fish or sharks from your local candy store.

Mermaids Birthday Party

What water-loving summer kid doesn’t want to be a mermaid? For kids that can’t get enough of the water, a mermaid themed party is a great way to celebrate. Choose a green and pearly white color scheme, and you’ll have your guests flipping to come in no time. The children can don strings of pearls before diving into the rest of the party. Fun activities could include a slip and slide area, a dress-up section, or a splash zone with sprinklers. For favors, wrap up a small bag of sea shells or a shell-covered box with treats inside.

Pirates Birthday Party

This popular theme is a great one for summer babies of all ages. With a simple black, white, and red color scheme, you’ll be able to find pirate tablecloths, napkins, and other party supplies easily. Hand out eye patches and plastic swords to your fellow pirates as they enter the party. Have them play pin-the-flag on a large printed poster of a pirate ship; and whoever loses must walk the plank! Water related activity areas are also a safe bet with a pirate theme. If you have a pool and a projector, show a pirate-themed movie while guests float on pool toys. Say, “Thanks, matey!” to your guests by giving out bags of chocolate coins.

Luau Birthday Party

With fun color options, great food, and plenty of activities, a birthday luau can be a great way to celebrate your summer baby’s birthday. Make your party theme as colorful as possible. On the invitations, ask guests to wear Hawaiian shirts. Greet guests with leis and grass skirts as they enter the party. Host contests for whoever can hula the best and limbo the lowest, and make sure to have plenty of classic Hawaiian music playing. Serve pineapple coconut cupcakes and tropical mocktails to keep everyone happy.

Atlantis Birthday Party

This unusual, but fun theme will have guests talking about your baby’s party for years to come. Choose an aqua and gold theme to showcase the mystery of the lost island. Decorate with shells, coral, and posters of crumbling stones or underwater scenery. This party also works well in a pool or beach setting. If you don’t have access to either of those, set up sprinklers or water games in your yard to incorporate more of the theme. For favors, give away small plastic crowns in honor of Atlantis’ king, Poseidon.

All of these ideas will help your little one have a wonderful birthday party celebration as he or she rings in another year with friends and family.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.