A Universal Approach To Children’s Skills Development

A universal approach to children’s skills development

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If you were asked to describe your childhood only with one word, it would probably be exploring. From the very beginning when we were just babies, through toddler age all to the puberty, children are exploring. Babies start with the exploration of movement possibilities in the beginning. Turning around, crawling and unsecured first steps are just the evolutionary phases which are done as times goes by. Later, children explore the environment and their surroundings by interacting with it. They learn a ton of new skills which are necessary to continue the exploration process. Parents often break up the natural exploration process by their intervention.A universal approach to children’s skills developmentThat intervention in most cases done by pushing their children in some kind of specific sports where they learn only a narrow palette of skills. In most of the cases they are very sport dependent, or worst, they become addicted to be lazy and they refuse to move. In further text, different, and more natural way of children’s skills development will be presented so keep reading.Complex beingIf you observe a grown-up human, you will quickly understand how much of the skills are needed to accomplish very basic daily tasks. Take walking as an example. You need to have a perfect balance not to fall every time you make a step. Proper endurance level is a must have if you want to make it to a second floor without the lift. A forgotten skill, proprioception is also high on our list. Easily explained, it is awareness of our body and all of its parts in the space. That helps you and your muscles to become a perfect walking machine. All of these skills are developed from the very first steps we have made. We continue to learn them all until late childhood. That is the main reason why the learning process has to be done in a proper way, with all scales at the right time. Early sport specialization can break that process and push other skills in a corner of oblivion. Generalization instead of specialization As the title says, you should prioritize a generalization way of your child’s skills development instead of pushing it into a narrow road of specialization. In the first years, you should let him explore the world by walking, jumping, throwing, climbing to different objects, with your assistance of course. By doing that, You ensure a proper input from the outside world to a young nervous system which is „hungry of challenges“. Those proper, and positive, inputs will secure proper development of the different system, musculoskeletal in the first place. Universal approach As children are growing up, you should encourage them to try universal sport school classes. Those are the classes where your children will learn and sharpen elemental skills like walking on a beam, making a front and back roll, throwing with precision, horse riding, and similar easy but very important tasks. By doing that, they will secure a positive input to a nervous system. The beauty of this system is that it is constantly learning and adapting. When you want to learn something, you practice it. It is the same with the kids. Do you remember of you writing your very first sentence in the elementary school? It surely wasn’t the same as one when you were in high school. The same thing is with precision, balance, proprioception, strength and bunch of other skills and qualities kids are learning with a universal approach to children skills development. Universally goodThose universal foundations will help your child to develop the best possible foundation for further sports challenges. Imagine how important is to jump and land in a proper way if your kid is playing basketball. Now imagine how important is to develop a proper balance and proprioception if your kid is attending a dance or ballet class. You understand by now, that good foundations are a must have for further success in all of the sports.Universally happy childhoodWhen the foundations are good, the whole building is standing tall and proud. That is a good metaphor for child success in different sports. Also, a good foundation secures that injury risk is on a minimum level. On the other hand, when your child succeeds on a sport plan and feel the beauty of winning, he or she will surely show how happy he or she is. A smile on their faces is the best sign that you are on a good way of developing a healthy and successful person in the future.