7 Easy Ways You Can Spark Your Child’s Imagination

7 Easy Ways You Can Spark Your Child's Imagination

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People of all ages use imagination and creativity every day in different situations – from dealing with problems at school or home, to taking care of some unforeseen situations at work. If you want to come up with some innovative ideas and solutions, you must forget about what is possible and what is not, and use your imagination. Kids’ imagination is an integral part of the learning process and it can boost cognitive development, so it’s important to nurture and encourage it. Here are just a couple of fun ways and games you can implement to spark up your child’s imagination.

1. Once Upon a Time

Hearing stories is great, but creating your own is probably one of the best ways to encourage imagination. You can start a story from scratch and ask your kid to fill in the details or pick up where you left. You can also set the theme and characters for them, and let them create new, exciting adventures. Also, why not make them the hero of the story?

2. All the World’s a Stage

Playing pretend can do miracles for your kid’s imagination and make them more confident. Plus, dressing up is super fun. Provide them with some old silly clothes, some cheap jewellery and a couple of everyday things for props and let the show begin. Let them dress up and create new characters that have a name, a voice, a way of moving and a story they can tell. You can have conversations with them “in character” or organize a little play for the entire family to enjoy.

3. Make Art

Make as much art as possible. Let them paint, draw, sculpt, mould and build whatever they want. It’s important for young children to have many tactile experiences, but make sure to give them all the creative freedom and of course, praise them as much as you can.

4. Encourage the Use of Natural and Generic Toys

Nature has been inspiring kids’ imagination since ever, so why not encourage that connection? Let them play in nature with sticks, stones and sand, and get them some open-ended toys such as building blocks. Those toys have endless possibilities and uses, so let your kid figure them out.

5. Tell Art Tales

This game will not only spark your child’s imagination, but it might also get them interested in art. Visit your local art museum and let your child pick a painting they like. Walk up to it and ask them what they see. You can ask a lot of open-ended questions to fill up the story of the painting with more details. Then pick another painting and connect it with the previous one until you have a well rounded story of the exhibits.

6. Read, Read, Read

Books should be an important part of every person’s life, and the younger they are when they start reading, the better. Go to the bookstore and let them pick out their own reading materials, or better yet join the library. You can make your kid’s reading time even more pleasant by creating a reading nook or getting them a cute and comfy teepee for kids they can crawl into and enjoy various written adventures.

7. Limit Screen Time

Kids today have an unlimited source of stories, information and images online and on TV. They can see many fun, educational and interesting things they might never experience themselves. They can learn about other cultures, distant places and interesting animals. But, there’s not much space for your kid to use imagination while watching programs. Try to discuss with them every show they watch and limit their screen time. If you encourage your kid’s imagination it will not only make their childhood more fun, but they will also benefit from it later on in school, work and life.