6 Ways To Help Your Child Feel Safe At The Dentist

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6 Ways To Help Your Kids Feel Safe At The Dentist

Regular visits to the dentist are just as important for your child as they are for you. In fact, it’s even more critical that your child receive regular cleanings. If their baby teeth aren’t cared for, their adult teeth may suffer. There’s just one problem: many kids fight trips to the dentist. If you want to increase your child’s feeling of safety during required dental visits try some of these simple tips.

Let Them Go With You

When you go in to the dentist for a routine cleaning, let your child come, too. They can watch your exam and see that there’s nothing to be afraid of. If you have a good family dentist, they may also allow your child to ask questions while they work on your teeth.

Watch Your Attitude

Do you dread each visit to the dentist? Would you rather live out that nightmare where you’re taking a test on a subject you never took a class in? Your kids don’t need to know that. Check your attitude about the door and be as positive about going to the dentist as possible.

Let the Dentist Know

If your child is feeling a little uncertain, let the dentist know before you make the appointment. They may be able to dedicate more time to your child so that they can answer questions or move slowly to help increase security. Your dentist may also be able to work with your child to help them feel better. This is especially true when it comes to offices specifically providing dentistry for children and adolescents. In dentist offices specifically for children they try super hard to make your kids feel as safe and welcomed as possible.

Bring Favorite Music

A bouncy tune that has your child bobbing in their seat might not be conducive to a peaceful dentist appointment, but a calm, peaceful song may be just what the dentist ordered. You can play music on your phone or other device. Providing your child with headphones may also be beneficial in blocking out sounds like the drill if they have to have a filling.

Plan to Stay

Being with your child through their appointment will give them a sense of security like nothing else. Don’t plan to sit out on the lobby on your phone. Instead, be present for your child until they are calm.

Try a Movie

Depending on the age of your child and the requirements of your dentist’s office, a movie can be a great way to distract your child. TV in the room? Perfect! If not, a laptop or tablet can be the perfect solution.

The more positive experiences your child has at the dentist, the more likely they will be to stay calm in the future. Each time your child has a dental appointment, build it up! Afterwards, discuss how easy it was and how it wasn’t nearly as bad as they thought. Over time, your child will come to have much more positive associations with dental visits.