6 Tips To Help Your Child Adjust To Your New Home

Moving Abroad With Children

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Moving is always a busy time, but it can get even more crazy when kids are involved. You want to be able to make your new house a home for everyone in your family. Moving home, and possibly, leaving the neighborhood they know and entering into the unknown, is a big change for any little one. 4 Ways to Prepare to Move to a New City with a ToddlerYou want your big move to feel exciting and new for everyone, but how do you keep it from being overwhelming? Our tips can help you get the kids involved, and stay focused on the positive.Let Your Kids Make DecisionsWhen your kid is confronted with the huge changes that are necessary for a big move, some resistance is to be expected. Make it easier on your kids by letting them make some of the decisions. Make a list of things they need to do before the move, and help them make decisions about which they’re willing to do first. Depending on the child’s age, you might let them choose their own room, or choose the paint color, or even some of the décor pieces. Letting them put their own touches on their new space can help with adjusting to a new home.Leave the Kids In Charge of Their Own Packing and UnpackingTo go along with letting them make décor decisions, getting your kids involved in the process of moving as often and early as possible gives them plenty of time to adjust to the idea. It also allows them to make their own decisions about what goes and what stays – and they get some control and autonomy over the move themselves. So offer help, but make packing up and unpacking during the move a family affair, where everyone is responsible for something. It allows your kids to claim ownership over the big changes that are coming.Clean It Up!Okay, it’s tough enough to get your kids involved in cleaning the house on a normal day. On a day when you’ve got to do a deep clean? Forget about it! Scrubbing down your new place will make it a lot more inviting for the kids. Use green cleaners in your deep clean, to keep things safe for your family. Make sure any needed repairs are done before the kids see the house, to ensure it’s safe. And don’t forget to try a HEPA air filter. Look out for the best air purifier for pets. Not only can it tackle pesky dander and pet hair, it can also get rid of up to 99% of airborne toxins, dust particles, allergens, and even paint fumes! That makes it the safest, healthiest and cleanest option for the whole family!Create a Comfort Space For KidsMoves can get hectic, and kids are nothing if not unpredictable. To keep them from getting underfoot, build your kid-friendly spaces first. Keep a box of favorite toys or games on hand, and easily within reach to be unpacked early. If your new home has the space, start with a playroom or family room, and get the kids involved in setting things up the way they want them, as you did the bedroom. Don’t forget the favorite pillows, blankets, and other comfort objects! If it’s an out-of-the-way space, so much the better. That can offer a much-needed reprieve for a child who’s feeling anxious or is a little too underfoot during the busy move-in period.Create Family SpaceWe’ve already talked about the importance of starting from your kid-friendly spaces on your big move day – but family spaces are important too. Use kid-friendly décor tips like rounded furniture, carpet tiles, and give your kids space to display their treasures proudly in the common areas. This will help the new place feel as much theirs as it is yours.Encourage Outdoor PlayMake sure your new yard and street are safe, of course. Getting the kids outside to enjoy nature is a great way to keep them from the foot traffic during the move, which helps keep your stress levels down. If you’ve got little toddlers or babies, take frequent breaks to spend some time in the sunshine. For older kids, grab some of your best outdoor toys, like a soccer ball, or their favorite outdoor furniture, and let them spend some time getting to know their new surroundings. The fresh air and exercise are great for them, and it will also familiarize them with their new street. It might even help them meet some new neighbors!When you’re moving into a new space, you want your new home to feel bright, stylish, and homey. Making a move, and your new home, kid-friendly, without compromising on your style, or risking getting overwhelmed, isn’t always easy. These tips can help make your new house feel like a home for every member of your family!