6 Tips to Dress Up Your Newborn Baby

6 Tips to Dress Up Your Newborn Baby

As new parents, we love to dress up our baby with cute newborn baby clothes. But there are some important things to keep in mind to choose the right and comfortable clothing. Check out some of the below list of tips:

  1. Babies are happier in comfortable clothes

Dressing up a newborn baby in comfortable clothes is extremely important. Newborn babies tend to sleep most of the time. They also do a lot of body stretching and hence, stretchable clothes are the perfect choice for comfortable wear. Stretchable fabrics contribute to baby’s developmental process by promoting flexibility for free body movement.

Uncomfortable or tight clothing can trigger crankiness in babies. It is best advised to avoid them. On the whole, comfortable clothing keeps a baby merrier.

  1. Be mindful of dangers on dresses

Avoid buying dresses with embellishments, detaches and appliqués. These could easily slip into newborns mouth and can be extremely fatal. Also ensure there are no buttons, zips, bows, ties or elastics – they only make the baby uncomfortable. In extreme cases elastics may result in red rashes and blood clots. Ties and bows around the neck can be hazardous as they increase the chances of choking risk.

  1. Oversized clothes are good option

If you buy newborn clothing, don’t be surprised, to see your baby outgrowing it within a week. Well, some babies don’t even in fit into the size of newborn clothes. Thus, it is best to buy oversized clothes rather than buying perfectly fitting clothes. By mentioning oversize here – we mean to say a size ahead of your baby’s current age. For a newborn baby, you could possibly pick a dress of size 3 – 6months, so that it can be used for nearly 6months.

  1. Layering is the key

Layering is crucial to keep your baby warm even at normal temperatures. It is natural that baby slips out of blanket easily to get exposed to cold air. Layering with thick fabric in cold weather can assure the baby is warm even without blankets. In summers, thin fabric layers should work perfectly fine. Better to choose clothes to provide enough room for layering. This way it is easier to remove or add more clothes.

  1. Prioritise hygiene

Clean clothing plays a major role to keep illness at bay. Most of the new parents will not have enough time to hand-wash baby clothes. But unfortunately, most of the baby clothes in the market come with a tag saying ‘dry-clean-only’ or ‘hand-wash-only’. Hence, make sure that the clothes you are buying are safe for machine wash. Trust me! This is sure to save you from a lot of work.

  1. Must-have baby clothing accessories

One of the must-have baby accessories for your newborn is baby socks. It is so important to keep your baby’s feet warm with a pair of socks. However, it is quite a task to find a right pair of baby socks. To make sure it does not fall off, you could possibly safeguard it with a soft fabric shoe. Pick a shoe which glides effortlessly into your baby’s feet. Keep these tips in mind and Pick the cute newborn baby clothes.