5 Tips For Helping Your Kids Get Excited About Moving

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5 Tips For Helping Your Kids Get Excited About Moving

There’s no way to avoid it: moving can be stressful. The change in location can be especially hard on your children, who may not understand why a move is necessary.  To make your move smoother for your children, follow these five steps to get them excited above the big move!

Include Them In The Search

Moving can make kids feel out of control, so combat this by including them in the house hunting process. Ask them what they would like in a new house, and try to make a list of desired features of a new home. Bring them along to see your favorite houses, and help them find one aspect of each house that they love. You can start the search by narrowing down the options to safe neighborhoods with good schools, then let your realtor and agency, such as Middletown’s Best Real Estate Agency, help you select houses that fit your family’s needs.

Let Them Keep Special Items Safe

In the midst of packing and moving, it’s easy for kids to feel like their most beloved items will be lost forever. Ease this fear by assigning a special box for each child to pack with their treasures. They can decorate this box and make it personal, then carry it with you them in the car on the way to the new house.

Say Goodbye To Your Home And Town Together

Before leaving for your new home, take one last trip to some of your kids’ favorite spots to say goodbye. Taking the time to stop by their favorite spots gives them closure before leaving town. You can even throw a Going Away Party to invite friends to spend time together before you depart, making it fun rather than sad.3030

Make Their New Space Special

Take some time while moving in to personalize your children’s new rooms. Something as simple as picking out new sheets or a piece of art can make any room feel like their own right away. Give them some choices when you arrive to make their space unique and comfortable for them.

Create A New Tradition

Take some time after the move to create new traditions in your home or around town. Find a special pizza place to visit once a month, or start a tradition of eating on the patio every Thursday. Even a small gesture that indicates stability can mean a lot to your child during this time of transition.

Overall, it is essential to do all that you can to help make the move as comfortable as you can for your kids. Just be sure to talk to them about how they feel and include them the best that you can in your move.