5 Reasons Why Organic Baby Products Are Better for Your Baby

organic baby products

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The older generation always says things like, “In my day, things were better…” Not only was the environment cleaner back then, the water, air, and food, but there were less toxic substances in the home environment as well.

organic baby products

But, it’s an easy thing to correct, and nowadays, with the barrage of affordable organic baby products, it’s a no-brainer.

It’s crucial to take care of the quality of the baby products you are using because as tests would show it, babies already have more than 200 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood at birth. Yikes!

Keep reading and see why babies are more vulnerable to chemicals than adults, and why it’s more important to use organic items with them.

A Baby’s Chemical Load Should Be a Priority

Here are five reasons why you need to start using organic baby products right away. It’s to protect your baby’s current and future health, which is no joke.

1. A Baby Is More Vulnerable to Toxins Than Adults Are

Organic baby formula is the most important switch a parent can make. Organic baby food will not have chemical residues from pesticides, fertilizers, and more. This means, that the chemical load within the baby will not worsen further.

2. Organic Baby Products Will Ensure Your Baby Isn’t Absorbing Toxins All Day Long

Using items such as organic baby clothes, or organic baby wipes, is a great reassurance to newbie parents because, with these simple switches, babies don’t inhale or absorb chemical toxins all day long.

3. Lead Is a Huge Concern Nowadays for Parents

Due to the profusion of baby toys manufactured in China, and other countries with laxer environmental regulations, lead has become a huge issue in baby toys. Going for non toxic baby toys, by focusing on brands that use organic bamboo or hemp is a great alternative.

4. Organic Baby Products Are Better for the Environment

It’s a given that if everyone tried using more organic products in their daily lives, the toxic load on the environment would reduce dramatically. It’s important for parents who are concerned about leaving a safer world for future generations.

5. Organic Baby Clothes Are More Comfortable for a Baby’s Sensitive Skin

Items such as baby blankets, and clothes, that sit right next to a baby’s skin need to be carefully monitored and ensured as organic. A baby’s skin is quite often more sensitive to chemicals in their clothes than an adult’s might be.

It’s Easy to Go Organic as Long as You Go Slow

A lot of new parents freak themselves out because they think they have to take care of everything at once. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. Go slow and steady. You could start with purchasing organic baby formula. Then, organic baby products, like baby toys, as babies put those in their mouths. And so on.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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