5 Compelling Reasons Why Moms-To-Be Need a Birth Doula

Birth Doula Photo

Birth doulas ease your pregnancy and labor pains

Birth doulas are healthcare professionals who work alongside of OGBYNs and nurses, medical professionals that make up the an expectant mother’s medical team.  While doulas can’t perform medical tests, they can provide stress relief and pain management techniques which greatly ease your pregnancy and labor.  Such techniques include breathing exercises and optimal labor positions often helps to minimize distress felt during childbirth.  Other methods include massages that reduce stress and tension during the pre-natal period.

Birth doulas are experienced in handling difficult labors

Most doulas are certified in managing difficult births due to their extensive training, which allows them to handle at-risk childbirths such as VBAC, Cesarean, teens, or plus sized mothers.  To learn more about how to become a doula, visit http://www.doulatrainingguide.com.  The training which they receive is part of a certification curriculum which requires potential doulas to assist in actual childbirths and receive hands-on experience.

Doulas provide much needed companionship

Both pregnancy and labor can be a very emotionally vulnerable and draining time for most women.  Doulas are there by her client’s side during the entirety of her labor.  She is also available to her client 24/7 by email, phone, or text during the few days before and after childbirth.  By being there for the new mother, a doula provides the warm and compassionate care which hospital staff may not be able to give.

Doulas are trained to provide evidence-based information

During the course of a doula’s training, she is required to learn about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth as well as how to address common issues which frequently pop up during this time period.  Hiring a certified doula is certainly beneficial to keep the client informed of her choices.  She can then impart this wisdom on the mother-to-be in a non-judgmental fashion, so that her client can be empowered to make her own decisions for herself as well as her newborn.

Doulas assist new moms in her role as a parent

Some women require help in order to transition into their new role as mothers after birth of their child.  Doulas are trained to assist their clients after childbirth are called postpartum doulas.  The duties of a postpartum doula are to assist in breastfeeding as well as to show the new mom how to diaper and bath her newborn.  Performing these tasks makes the postpartum period much more manageable for a new mom.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons