4 Ways to Track Your Pregnancy

4 Ways to Track Your Pregnancy

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4 Ways to Track Your Pregnancy

Watching your body change during pregnancy can be fascinating, as your baby will be growing by the day. While the morning sickness and frequent urination might not be much fun, you are bound to be excited about setting eyes on your son or daughter for the very first time.

As a result, you might want to understand every step of your baby’s development. If you cannot wait to welcome your child into the world, read the following five ways to track your pregnancy.

1. Monitor How Your Body is Changing During Pregnancy

If you want to see how much your body is changing throughout your pregnancy, you should consider taking photographs of you wearing the same outfit every month or week – or at least the same color scheme. Take a photo of your body from head to toe. It will allow you to monitor your baby’s development, and it will provide your son or daughter with a great memento they can treasure once they’re older.

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2. Listen to Your Baby’s Heartbeat Inside the Womb

Listen to your son or daughter’s heartbeat get stronger every week with a safe baby heartbeat monitor. While the sound is detectable from 8 weeks of pregnancy, the device is best used after the 16th week of your pregnancy.

You and your partner can then listen to your baby growing stronger every day, week, or month. In addition to listening to your son or daughter’s heartbeat, you will be able to hear their kicks or movements inside the womb.

3. Download The Bump App to Track Your Baby’s Growth

It is easy for new parents to feel overwhelmed about welcoming a child into their lives. Thankfully, The Bump app offers expectant parents with all the advice they need in one place, which will be a great resource when monitoring your pregnancy.

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For example, it allows you to track your baby’s growth each week inside the womb, so you will know when your son or daughter is the size of a grape, orange, or grapefruit. You will also know when he or she is developing eyelashes and fingernails.

4. Journal Your Pregnancy from Start to Finish

If you want to spot changes in your mood, weight, or baby’s growth, you should consider journaling your pregnancy experience. For example, write down your thoughts, feelings, and diet plan every day, which you can review throughout the months. You can then notice when your weird cravings started, or when your baby started to grow rapidly in size.

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A pregnancy journal will also be handy to refer to should you decide to welcome a second or third child into the world. That is because you will know when you developed morning sickness, food cravings, or experienced fatigue, so you’ll know exactly what to expect the second time around. You could then keep the book to present to your son or daughter when they are older, which could help them when they become parents for the first time.

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