4 Tips To Teach Your Baby To Sleep

4 Tips To Teach Your Baby To Sleep

The parents are those who are responsible for the formation and establishment of habits of a child in early childhood. The establishment of positive habits for sleeping should start from the first day of arrival from the hospital. The reason for this is the need for the child to gradually acquire his/her own ability to recognize and relax during the bedtime. If a child is constantly receiving messages that it is only necessary to sleep if someone else makes them sleep, he/she will gradually accept it and without this intervention it would be impossible for the kid to behave any differently.

Being calm is the best trait for a new parent

Basically, positive habits for sleeping, as well as the overall upbringing of the child, are hidden in two basic words – calmness and consistency. So, when it comes to teaching their babies to sleep, parents should first of all approach this task calmly and try to keep their faith. If parents do not behave consistently, but they change their attitude every now and then, they are sending a message to the child that what was yesterday’s rule, does not apply today. Therefore, it is unreasonable to expect the baby to accept something new in these conditions.

Consistency is the key of success

The main issue is the inconsistency of the parents. The solution is to put your baby in the crib on the first day upon arrival from the hospital, while he/she is still awake. Rocking the baby and placing him/her in the bed of the parents in order to sleep actually sends a message to the kids that they are not able to sleep by themselves, and that they should not sleep without their mothers. If we add the fact that the problems of this type usually occur at night, in moments of helplessness and a desire for a child to stop crying, the mother of the child tries to breastfeed and creates a message that it is only possible to be calm and willing to sleep after a meal.

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Stick to the routine

Sleep disorders of any member of the family affect the functioning of the whole family. With the arrival of a baby in the house all family ways get completely changed. If a child cries at night and sleeps during the day for several weeks or even months, everyone at home is likely to become increasingly strained. There is going to be less mutual understanding, and such a tense atmosphere will certainly convey to the young child and only make the situation more difficult to cope with. If the child cannot seem to relax enough, there are some special cribs and baby sleeping bags on the market that could also help with this problem.

Start at the perfect time

It is never too late to start with establishing positive habits in your child when sleeping is concerned. The problem is that wrongly acquired habits of sleeping, just like all the other bad habits, require much more time for eradication and reinforcement of positive habits. It is believed that it takes nearly twice as long to form and turn to positive habits, when children’s sleeping habits are already fully implemented.

When the babies wake up during the night, no matter how small they are, they should be enabled to get back to sleep without playing, singing, rocking, etc. Babies can wake up many times during the night and they do not need to be taught that someone else will always be responsible for making them fall asleep.