3D Ultrasound Gender Reveal Baby Showers: What To Know

Gender Reveal Baby Showers

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Baby showers are one of the best moments for parents, especially mothers. It’s a symbol that shows how happy they are for the arrival of their child. The day is always videotaped and kept as a family souvenir so whenever the child grows up, they get to see how happy their parents anticipated their arrival; it’s a symbolic day in parents’ lives. Filled by family and relatives, the baby shower can also be termed a party because merriment is guaranteed.

However, the normal method has been upgraded lately, and a lot of things are added during baby showers. During baby showers these days, the parents hire 3d Ultrasound machine to the venue so they can check the gender of their baby that same day, many go to the length of giving the baby name once the gender is revealed in the party. For those planning on having a baby shower for their unborn kids, below is a plan layout on how to have a memorable baby shower for that your precious unborn child.

How To Host A Memorable Gender Reveal Party

Create a Theme

This is the first thing that should come to the parent’s minds if they want a memorable party. People always say this is the job of the wife to choose what she thinks is the best theme for the party, choosing the theme is a little hectic especially when you are given many options to choose from. However, here is a tip, since the baby shower is also a gender reveal party, then you ought to pick something neutral, something that’s not much girlish or boyish because we are yet to know the baby gender.

Set the Date

Once the appropriate theme has been picked, next on the line is to pick a perfect date for the party. In picking a date, it’s good to always try and know-how available your intended guest will be on that day. When with friends, you can stylishly ask the question like “Ann, what are your plans for next weekend.” Ask all those you want to invite this and note their response. That’s how to pick a perfect date that everyone would be available.

Schedule an Ultrasound

Next is to schedule with a local ultrasound machine technician and book a venue hall for the big day. Try as much as possible to make this work because this is where the real flex of the party comes in. Ask the sonographer if the scheduled day would work perfectly for the machine to reveal the baby’s gender. You can’t work too hard to get disappointed on that day not being perfect for the machine. So try as much as possible to make everything fall in line.

Have the Party and Document the Event

When all is set and all invitees are present, the party can be kick-started with music, dancing, and fun games for children. The ultrasound should be the last to take place. Ensure you hire a good camera man/woman to video every aspect of the party; he/she should never miss a scene.

When all is done, you the parents can sit at home and watch the tape all over again to see if they should leave the video unedited. Follow the above, and I’m sure the day will be one of the best events you have ever planned.