3 Responsible Ways to Protect Your Child from Aggressive Bullying

3 Responsible Ways to Protect Your Child from Aggressive Bullying

Bullying is a serious and unfortunately common issue that affects children of all ages. It may be emotionally or verbally abusive in nature, but many bullies can also be physically aggressive and violent. All forms of bullying can be devastating for your child to deal with, but you may be concerned about your child’s immediate personal well-being when your child is being targeted by a physically-aggressive bully. These are some of the immediate steps that you should take to protect your child.

Get the School Involved

Avoid making the assumption that the school is taking steps to protect your child. You need to be proactive by communicating with the school directly and on a regular basis about the threat to your child’s well-being. Discuss your preferences regarding separating your child from the bully, and ensure that all of the teachers understand the situation. You may also want to learn more about disciplinary steps being taken against the bully. Schools should take any threat against a student seriously.

Talk to the Parents

In some cases, it may be helpful to talk directly to the bully’s parents. Let them know about your concerns, and you may mention the fact that their child’s aggression may have criminal and civil ramifications. Letting other parents of your child’s classmates know about the situation can also be helpful in some cases. For example, it may help to keep your child safer outside of school in situations where your child may be together with the bully.

Consult an Attorney

It may seem frustrating to try to keep your child protected from harm at all times, but rest assured that the law may be on your side. You can talk to a personal injury attorney or a member of law enforcement about criminal charges that may be filed against the bully. In addition, a civil lawsuit filed against the parents may provide you with financial compensation for damages. This money may be used to pay for medical bills, therapy or even relocation in very serious situations.

Bullying can affect your child’s immediate health on many levels, and it also can have significant long-term consequences. It is best to be aware of signs of bullying so that you can take immediate action. Responding quickly may be an effective way to prevent the issue from developing into a very serious matter. If you are already dealing with a serious and dangerous situation, take these steps to protect your child. You may also take other measures that may be appropriate for your unique situation.

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