Write Your Own Children’s Book

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Child Reading Book

Parents often make the best children’s book authors because they understand what makes a child light up inside. If you have children, then you know what it takes to turn a frown into a smile, make potty training easy for all involved, and vanish fears of monsters under the bed. The stories you create to entertain, soothe and teach your own child will appeal to children around the world who need the same entertainment, comfort and education.

If you have a creative mind and know that your stories and creative thoughts could benefit children beyond your own home, consider writing a children’s book to share with others. If you also like to draw or paint, you should consider creating illustrations for your children’s book or books created by other parents. Some of the best books currently on bookshelves started within the minds of creative parents.

To get an idea of what makes an excellent children’s book, browse new books released from reputable literary agents and publishing houses. Spend some time in the children’s section next time you visit the bookstore. Pay attention to the wide variety of books available and the range of themes covered in books for different age groups.

Once you are familiar with the market, put your creative stories and parental wisdom on the page. Read those stories to your own children to see how they respond, and then tweak until your stories get the reaction you want. Release those stories out into the world so that children everywhere can benefit from your wisdom and love.

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