When It’s Okay To Let Kids Play With Technology

Kid playing with technology

Many parents don’t like to see their children sit for too long in front of the television. Equally spending too much time on an X-box or Playstation is not great either. There are times though when technology can help with a child’s learning and when it doesn’t have to be viewed as time that will lead them into bad habits. It is perfectly possible for a child to play with their dolls one minute and then pick up Mom’s phone and start playing a game. Children’s focus only last so long and not even Mary Poppins would be able to keep a child amused perfectly all day, every day. There are times when they get bored and frustrated and need things to stimulate and allow them to become engaged in something.

There are plenty of options to learn through play

Learning through play takes many forms. From running around outside exploring parks and forests to playing a role play game with their friends a child’s learning experience needs to be varied. They can’t spend all day, every day outside much as it’s good for them. Their play routine should be balanced. Whilst they are more than happy sat playing for some of the time there will be times when you will hear the words every parents dread ‘I’m bored’. It is at times like this that it is great to have something up your sleeve to engage them. It may be on a long car journey when it’s not possible to play with physical toys or when you are sat waiting for a medical or other appointment. These are the time when your phone holds the answers.

Apps that provide traditional games online 

When they have completed every jigsaw puzzle in their toy cupboard and lost several pieces rendering it useless it’s great to have a back-up. Learning apps are a great way to immerse your child in something that will help them to develop their skills and logic whilst helping them with concentration and focus. They can complete a puzzle that’s either 4 pieces or 200 pieces and progress through the various levels earning points and stars to show them their progress. Not only will they be more engaged and focused they will also be learning through play. And the great thing is you never run out of options. There are hundreds of apps available on both the App Store and Google Play so you can just download another when they are bored with the current one.

Image Source: Flickr