What To Use For Dry, Stuffy, Irritated Noses

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Runny nose, itching, burning, difficulty breathing as well as discomfort around sinuses can indicate that patient has inflammation of mucous membrane or rhinitis. This problem can appear regardless of one’s age. During summer, it usually appears due to an allergic reaction. Regardless of the cause (whether it is some microorganism or allergen), if mucous membrane inflammation is not treated, we are exposing ourselves to development of bacterial infection which can spread to throat and ears. Our throat, forehead and ears start hurting, secretion coming from the nose is darker and we lose sense of smell. So, any type of mucous inflammation should be taken seriously and by treating it in due time, we can recover much quicker.

Our mucous membrane has various functions. It is responsible, not only for the quality of breathing but also for the quality of the air traveling to our lungs. When a person breathes in, he is not only inhaling the air but also small particles and microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. All these substances are being caught in mucous that are produced within respiratory system. By sneezing or coughing, we are able to cast them out of the system. When mucous membrane is irritated, inflamed or damaged in any other way, its function is reduced, mucous becomes thick, so much so that it cannot move or eliminate microorganism meaning that unwanted particles are being trapped within the body. This can only lead to complications.

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The mucous membrane is filled with nerves which are important for sneezing and coughing reflexes which disable viruses and bacteria from entering upper airwaves. This membrane is able to heat up inhaled air and wet it so that pharynx, lower airwaves and bronchium, wouldn’t be irritated. These functions can only be performed by healthy mucous. If it’s damaged, all its functions weaken and as do our first line of defense. Flu, irritation or inflammation can cause increased creation of mucous. Our nose becomes stuffy making us breath with our mouth. If the pharynx is dry, that leads to dry rhinitis.

Nowadays, allergies, rhinitis and other diseases of the respiratory system represent the most common type medical problems. This is why drugs such as Rhinaris are commonly available in any pharmacy. If you buy Rhinaris from your drugstore, you can be certain that dry, stuffy and irritated nasal passages will be thing of the past. The drug comes in a form of a spray and gel and the patient should administer it once per day. It works as a lubricant and it is used for moisturizing nose.  Gel is used in small quantities by applying it inside the nose. Spray is used by inhaling the drug.

Like any other drug, there are certain conditions and states that can prevent you from using Rhinaris. If you are pregnant or if you are allergic to this drug, you shouldn’t use it. Unlike most other medicines, Rhinaris usually doesn’t produce any side effects. However, sometimes, mild stinging may appear. Some patients have exhibited severe allergic reactions.