What To Do When You Don’t Know What The Sex Of Your Baby Is

Is it a boy or a girl?

Some couples today are taking a more egalitarian approach to finding out the gender of their unborn child. If “surprise me!” is your preferred path to new parenthood, there are some remarkably easy ways to prepare that will still allow you to do most of the work of the new room set up and even baby shower preparations without predicting your child’s gender. This can be good news for busy parents who want to maintain the element of surprise and yet know that once baby arrives, time will become increasingly precious. Learn here what to do when you don’t know what you’re expecting, and still have a gorgeous gender-neutral nursery ready for when baby arrives.

Outfitting the Baby Room

Many color schemes that are popular today are refreshingly gender-neutral. While it is perhaps best to steer clear of very strong gender colors such as pink if the gender of the child is not known, even blue can be worked into a gender-neutral baby room with great success. Here are the steps to take to put together a great-looking, gender-neutral nursery.

• Pick a pattern rather than a single solid accent color. For instance, combining blue with brown, or red with purple, can still allow for a desired slant towards a girl or boy baby room when the time comes
• Shop online to save time, but be sure to shop smart to hedge your bets. For instance, instead of shopping in the girls bedding department, opt instead to browse for neutral bedding sets online. This will offer a much more gender-friendly selection of colors and styles
• Choose modular furniture with many uses, rather than a very feminine vanity table or a masculine baby crib carved to look like a car

Planning the Baby Shower

In the same way that it is easier than ever before to find bedding, furniture and accessories that are gender-neutral, many things new parents need will stay the same regardless of the baby’s gender. Diapers, a diaper disposal unit, a baby seat for the car and the home, bedding, a milk storage system and breast pump and other accessories will absolutely be necessary items to prepare for being parents for the first time. As well, with baby shower invitations, pick a neutral color such as white or ivory if the plan is to have the invitations printed up in advance.

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Is it a boy or a girl?