Upgrading to a bigger house

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If you are preparing to have or already had twins or triplets, you know that the amount of space that used to be just fine for your family has suddenly gotten way too small. When a family grows significantly, it can be difficult to keep your living area small, and it’ll probably be time for you to look into renting or purchasing a larger house that will fit all the new additions. Before you move, though, it’s important to take your time and think out your purchases carefully.

Don’t get too much space

While it’s important not to feel too cramped, it’s equally important to avoid spending a bunch of extra money on space that will either sit empty or be filled with unnecessary stuff that costs you even more money. Decide carefully on what you will need for your family based on the number of people (remembering that having kids share a room isn’t the worst thing in the world) and what items are necessary to keep your situation happy.

If you need an area for a home office because someone works from the computer or if you need a dining room because you often have large numbers of guests over for fancy parties are important things to keep in mind while choosing a new home. If you don’t need these things, however, then make sure you aren’t paying for them by finding a place that more closely meets your needs.

Don’t immediately fill every room

When moving into a bigger home, your immediate impulse is to purchase furniture and decorations for each room, creating a fully-furnished living space. However, when you have multiple children and have just moved into a larger home, it might be wiser to stretch your dollars and keep yourself from impulse buys.

Look at sites like Craigslist to find cheaper furniture and slowly refurbish it to fit your tastes. Get creative when decorating your place, and avoid the trap of too much stuff, which costs money, takes up space, and often just leads to clutter (which in turn can make you feel cramped and in need of an even bigger house).

Research your new home well

With young children in the mix, it’s important to look at the surrounding area when looking for a new home. How are the nearby schools? Is it safe for your child to walk around? Are there parks or other amenities you consider important located nearby? Speak with your realtor and other people in the area to make sure you’re making the right choice before you sign a lease or mortgage.

Upgrading to a bigger house to fit your suddenly-enlarged family can be stressful, but it can also be an opportunity to find a place that you will be happy living in for many years to come without spending too much. Thinking about what your children will need and planning for it will help you find a place that you’ll be happy with for a long while, rather than moving and quickly realizing new difficulties you didn’t expect.

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