Understanding Joint Pain During Pregnancy & Dealing With It

The likelihood of a woman experiencing joint pain while pregnant is high enough to cause some women to be concerned about it. Still, there are some mothers-to-be that are not aware of this issue until it actually happens.

Why Does This Type of Pain Arise?

Pregnancy and joint pain stems from a number of issues. A woman’s body goes through a number of changes when pregnant. Each woman is affected differently by these changes. One of the biggest changes is the additional weight gain due to the baby. This weight could lead to some joint or muscle pain.

Another reason some women experience this type of pain deals with relaxin. This hormone is released in a woman’s body to help the pelvis and rib cage be a little more flexible.

Of course, the body does this so that the baby forming can accommodate the woman’s body. The problem is that this hormone does leak all around the body, which could make joints a little weak. Certain movements can now cause small injuries, even though they wouldn’t have normally.

What Can Pregnant Women do to Address the Pain?

Even if there is a link between pregnancy and joint pain, no mommy-to-be will want to accept this issue. Thankfully, there are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce this problem.

Low Impact Exercise

Exercise helps increase the range of motion, making joints much more flexible. Now, the key is to stick to low impact exercises that are gentle on the body. It would be a good idea to swim, but a women can also try yoga or tai-chi.

Hot and Cold

Of course, taking a hot shower or using a heating pad on the affected joints can help alleviate some of the pain. Ice packs can also numb some of the pain if needed. This type of hot and cold therapy helps deal with the problem rather than prevent it.

Good Massage

A good massage can help treat some of the stiffness a woman feels when pregnant. The stimulation that massages bring can help improve the range of motion, and it can also promote healing in case there are some minor joint injuries. Of course, major issues cannot be taken care of with a mere massage, but it can help minor problems.

Joint Specialist

Women experiencing major joint pain will need the help of a professional to overcome the ailment. The medical expert will need to have experience with issues like arthritis or inflammation to provide the kind of help a woman with serious joint issues will need.

These are just some of the solutions available to women but there are others. For example, some supplements can help improve a woman’s ability to prevent this kind of pain like omega-3s. Rest and even footware can also be used to prevent this kind of pain as well.