Ultimate Guide to Cycling While Pregnant

Ultimate Guide to Cycling While Pregnant

When you’re a soon-to-be mom, everyone has a lot of advice to give. Most of
those are based on what you should or shouldn’t do. One thing you shouldn’t
avoid is proper exercise. If you’re an active cyclist, you may wonder how
the activity you love so much affects you, and how to approach it.

There is a lot of new research showing that cycling provides numerous
health benefits to future moms. Some studies have even shown that cycling
while pregnant can significantly reduce nausea. We’ve searched the web and
we’ve come up with some of the things you need to consider if you’re
planning on cycling while pregnant. Let’s dive in.

Things to keep in mind

If you’re a regular cycler, keeping up with your habit during pregnancy can
prove to be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. Regular
cycling routes can help you out with swelling issues and fatigue.
Exercising has proven as a great method to reduce stress and anxiety, and keeping up with your routine can help you and your child remain
healthier during the pregnancy.

However, there are some downsides you have to consider before you set off.
There are always obvious dangers of falling and hurting the fetus, but
there are other problems as well. Overheating can cause serious problems
during the first trimester. There are also various problems tied to
elevated blood pressure and protein levels in urine that may be induced by
heavy exercising. You should be a proficient cycler before you get
pregnant, if you’re not feeling safe on your bike alone, you won’t be safe
with your belly changing the center of your gravity as your pregnancy

Don’t overdo it

This is one of the most important pieces of advice you can get. As you need
to be sensible about a great lot of things during your pregnancy, you have
to be as careful with your bike. You need to set realistic goals, and you
need to make sure you understand what’s best for your body.

As your pregnancy progresses, you will have to adjust your position while
riding, and by the end of your pregnancy, it is perfectly normal to get
tired easier. Make sure you’re not going alone, and it goes without saying
– don’t be extreme.

Adapt your bike if necessary, and adapt your mindset. Even if you used to
go on long rides, make sure you’re listening to what your body is saying.
Your body is used to riding, and it will do you good, but make sure you do
it moderately and that you enjoy it.

Useful tips for pregnant cyclers

During pregnancy, you go through different changes each trimester. This
affects the way you function and the way you feel. While you’re going
through less of a physical change during the first trimester, you may feel
more tired. Keep this tiredness in mind when you’re getting on your bike,
but don’t worry, as it will go away during the later periods of pregnancy.

Stay well hydrated and cool
. We can’t stress this enough. One of the biggest problems that may occur during the first two trimesters is overheating. Your body needs more water during this period, and exercising makes you lose that water faster. Check for temperatures and make sure you’re not exposed to direct sunlight for too long during your rides.

Take your time to plan the routes. It’s very important to know where to go
and to be sure that you’re taking the safest possible way. Even if you’re
an experienced mountain-biker, this period requires extreme caution. Choose
routes with enough light, but with less traffic, and make sure you check
ahead for any type of construction works that may cause serious

Once your bump grows and your center of gravity changes, you may have to
start adjusting the bike. Different seat position or different seat
altogether may help you out. As it’s natural to gain weight and start to
feel less comfortable, seats with more padding may prove to be quite a

Make it a family experience. Most of the pregnant women we’ve talked to
said they really loved cycling with their partners during their pregnancy.
Even if your partner doesn’t own a bike, you can always buy some great bicycles online. It’s perfectly normal, as it’s quite safer to ride while having someone with
you. It also helps you bond with your partner during this delicate period.
It’s way easier to ride with someone you can rely on, and it is definitely
more fun.


Hopefully, this guide will help you feel easier on your bike during your
pregnancy. You already know that during this period you need to pay close
attention to quite a lot of details, but that doesn’t mean you need to
change your habits or stop exercising. With so many benefits to this activity, you just need to scale it down a bit and take some additional precautions, and you’re good to go.