Try Simple and Easy Home Methods to Get Rid of Kids Urine Smell from Your Mattress

Every parent has gone through this conundrum; how do you remove the smell of urine from the mattress? Toddlers who are still learning to sleep without diapers will have a couple of accidents here and there at night. The chances of the mattress developing a certain odor are highly likely during this period. So, how can you prevent urine smell from sticking on the mattress?

Homebrew Methods to Get Rid of Urine Smell from the Mattress

Below are some easy homebrew techniques you can apply to solve this problem.

Homebrew Methods to Get Rid of Urine Smell from the Mattress


  • Baking Soda or Borax


Let’s start off with the simplest method available with items you most likely already have lying around your home. Baking soda or Borax is great deodorizing agents that can completely eliminate the smell of pee on a mattress.

Borax is an antibacterial cleaning agent that you can buy at any grocery or supermarket. However, I do want to refrain you from using on a mattress used by a toddler as not cleaning the Borax off properly can be hazardous since it is relatively toxic.

Baking soda is a far safer option between the two as it is non-toxic and incredibly cheap as well. While it may not pack the same odor eliminating punch as Borax, it can still do the job. Simply apply either Borax or baking soda over the affected area and let it absorb the smell for a couple of hours before vacuuming it off.


  • Vinegar


A tried and tested homebrew method of eliminating odors, vinegar is one of the safest methods you can try out. The only downside with using vinegar is that you will need to contend with the smell of vinegar for a bit of time. If you don’t mind the smell of vinegar lingering for a bit then this method is one of the most effective ways to absorb the smell of urine out of the mattress in record time.


  • Hydrogen Peroxide


For those who prefer not to use vinegar due to its smell, you can use hydrogen peroxide (3%) as a good alternative. You can apply the solution as is over the affected surface of the mattress or mix it with water and a tablespoon of baking soda for better results.

After spraying hydrogen peroxide you should let it dry naturally by placing the mattress outside under the sun. Hydrogen peroxide is also quite effective in removing stains so there’s that added benefit to using this cleaning solution.


  • Leaving the Mattress Under the Sun


Another simple method you can use without the need for any cleaning solution is by simply leaving the mattress out under the sun for a full day. This is only applicable to those with a decent sized yard. Let the mattress soak in the sun for as long as possible. It is also best to do this if the climate is hot and dry for optimum results. This technique can also help eliminate odors caused by sweat.


  • Using Fresh Lemon


Nature’s number one natural deodorizer, using lemon is another great way to eliminate any unpleasant odor from your mattress. It also leaves a nice lingering scent compared to using vinegar. Take a good-sized lemon, cut it in half, and scrub it around the affected area on the mattress.

You don’t even need to worry about leaving any pulpy bits during this process. Let it dry naturally for a couple of hours and vacuum the mattress. Not only will it eliminate odors, but it will also leave a fresh scent afterward.

If you can choose between natural lemons or lemon scented cleaning solutions, always go for natural. Lemon fruits will not leave any toxic residue afterward and it will also provide powerful antibiotic properties to prevent odors from coming back.


As you can see, eliminating urine odor from the mattress can be done with simple basic ingredients that you probably already have lying around your home. Of the above methods, I highly recommend using lemon, especially if you are cleaning a toddler’s mattress as it will leave it smelling good, clean, and without any toxic residues. Hopefully, this article has helped you solve the problem of mattress odors in general.