Tips to Help Your Kids Sleep Better, Naturally!

Sleeping Child

Among the most crucial things you do for your children, ensuring they have enough sleep ranks high. American Academy of Pediatrics M.D. Cora Breuner equates enough sleep to a vaccine that fights of illness by promoting your child’s well being.

However, this does not mean forcing your children to go to bed early. It entails having a scheduled time for sleep that ensures that they fall asleep easily and stay asleep all night. This helps them wake up refreshed and energized for the day.

Difference in Age

This may change as the children grow. Nonetheless, enough sleep is imperative at every age. It helps your child learn, grow, and stay safe despite being 18 months or 18years old. At the age of three months, a child needs 10 and hours of sleep to 18 hours in a day. At 14 years upwards, the child is going to need 8-10hours of sleep. Therefore, as a parent, you need tips on how to help your children sleep better.

Here are some natural tips for better sleep.

Create a Nap Schedule

This is essential for your younger children. You should create a napping schedule during the day. The main importance of the naptime is that it helps your children stay fresh before they have to sleep again at night. If your child snoozes a few minutes before bedtime, they may be up all night. Therefore, provide a 30 min nap schedule for your child every day.

Before bedtime, Limit screen time

There is a hormone produced by the body in both adults and children that helps them sleep. However, the glow emanating from electronic screens can confuse this hormone. Therefore, do not keep devices like video games and TVs in your child’s bedroom. Also, ensure that their tablets, smartphones, and other electric gadgets are off an hour before they go to bed.

Create a strict Bedtime schedule

When you schedule a specific time as bedtime, your child’s body and brain recognize and react in kind when it is time to sleep. Any exciting activity should be avoided at this time. This consistency should be followed even on weekends.

Allowing children to stay up on the weekends will spoil the consistency of this schedule during the weekdays. If you have to be lenient, do not allow any more than 30minutes from the scheduled bedtime. The same is true for waking up schedule only one hour should be allowed past the scheduled time.

Keep them Active

Enough exercise during the day promotes better sleep naturally at night. You can do this by playing a sport with your child or just running around. Other ways to stay active include walking a dog, going to the park, or any other activity that helps them stay active. The recommended time to be active by Dr Cora Breuner of American Academy of Pediatrics is 60 minutes every day.

Avoid giving them Caffeine products

Giving your children energy drinks, sodas, or coffee beverages will keep them from sleeping better naturally. This will affect your children even if they had them hours before time for sleep. In addition, chocolate contains caffeine.

Check your children’s Sleeping Environment

Your child may have a problem sleeping because of itch-causing allergens, congestion, and overheating. Ensure your child is tested for allergies if such conditions arise and choose organic cotton for their sheets and pajamas.

Check the mattress you use for your child

Avoid mattresses that are saggy or hard. Ensure you get a mattress that aligns well with the body of your child and their spine. In addition, mattresses made from organic materials are the best as they help your child acquire allergies that could prevent your child sleep better naturally. Furthermore, consider such factors as bedwetting and get a mattress that has a cover to prevent absorption. Visit SleepingCulture for wide selection of cozy mattresses that will add comfort to your child’s sleep.

Protection from fear

Naturally, your child may have some fears such as the monsters they read about in storybooks. This may make them fear bedtime, as they know the night is dark and they have to sleep alone. Therefore, you can get them a toy to keep close to them as they sleep. Additionally, you can also read them a bedtime story that averts their fears and makes them know that you love them and they will be safe all night.

To surmise, the article has mentioned some of the tips you need as a parent to ensure that your children sleep better naturally. A restful night for your children gives you peace of mind and ensures you have better sleep too.