Tips To Create A Safe And Snug Children’s Bedroom

Tips To Create A Safe And Snug Children’s Bedroom

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Your children are your world, and when they’re big enough to have their own bedrooms you want them to be in a safe and welcoming environment. A bedroom that’s perfect for both sleep and play.

Creating warmth and wonder in your child’s bedroom can be a difficult balance to achieve. This handy guide will offer you some tips to help you create a safe and snug children’s bedroom.

Adding Warmth

Especially if you’re living in a climate prone to colder winters, adding a bit of warmth to your child’s bedroom is a good idea. There are different ways to do this, from installing floor insulation and soft carpets, to putting up thermal curtains. Hanging thermal drapes is the simplest, most cost-effective solution. Whereas the price of carpet fitting or the floor insulation cost can be quite high.

If your budget is quite small you could think about adding cosier lighting options, such as bedside lamps that let out a soft, warm glow. Adding a soft rug is another budget-friendly option that will create a warmer room.

Keeping It Safe

Keeping a child safe in their bedroom is something that weighs on most parents’ minds. Make sure that freestanding furniture such as drawers are secured to the wall to avoid them tipping over. Keep shelves at a low enough height for your child to reach toys without being tempted to climb on the furniture.

Blinds with cords can be a hazard, so keep window dressings simple with curtains. Avoid furniture that has sharp corners at your child’s head height, and make sure bunk beds have safety rails fitted.

Making Memories

But children’s bedrooms can’t just be about safety and warmth. It should be a magical space for your child to spend time in too. Their bedroom is one of the places where their memories are made.

Try decorating the walls with murals depicting the animal or natural world, ships and pirates, or mountains and skies. This is a colourful and fun way to add a bit of magic to the bedroom. Soft furnishings can help create a safe and cheerful space for reading and playtime. Colorful beanbags, cushions and blankets can make the room feel bright and inviting.

Think about adding a wall-mounted blackboard for sketching on, a flexible floor lamp for reading time, and an activity table for creative play.

Hopefully these tips will help you plan your child’s bedroom, and make it a safe, snug space.