Tips To Baby Proof Your Home


We all care so much about our children and often their safety is paramount to how we live our own lives. Parents are always making sure that they protect their children from dangers such as not leaving them on their own in public places or making sure they are well cared for and fed. But there can actually be a number of dangers around in the comfort of our own home. There are a number of things in the common household that can be potentially harmful to a baby – so here are some tips for how you can avoid anything harmful happening to your little loved one.

Think Like a Baby

This is a point that may seem slightly humorous, but if you try and take a baby’s view of your home – it can help massively in making sure they are safe. The idea is to try and look at your home from a baby’s perspective and try and look at things that you would try to pull at or play with if you still had their blissful innocence. By doing this you will soon realise the object around your home that your baby will want to get their hands on. For example, they will probably try to open any cupboards or doors that are in reach so you would want to make sure there is a stopper fitted on these to prevent this from happening.

Keep Areas Cushioned

This can of course be hard to do for your whole house, so it may be a good idea to keep certain areas in your home as a space for your child to play in. For instance, you could keep a play area in the conservatory or spare room that is well cushioned. The reason for this is when your child is first learning to walk they will likely have a few bumps and falls along the way, and having soft cushions can prevent any injuries from happening. So it can be a good idea to have your conservatory furniture well protected as the hard outer surface on most wicker sets can cause some discomfort if the child falls against it.
Secure Windows and Doors

You can make sure that your doors and windows are kept secure fairly easily. A lot of windows now come with a stopper installed on them so they can be pulled up or pushed open, but if this isn’t the case you can buy an external clip that fits onto the window, which is also the case for doors. This is important if your child wakes in the middle of the night and tries to walk out of the room or if they are playing by the window and put their weight onto it.

Check Ties on Blinds and Curtains

A lot of your typical window blinds come with long strings attached that are used to open and close the blinds, these can be very hazardous around young children as the long string may cause strangulation. You should therefore try to get a clip fitted onto the wall that you can wrap the string around which is high enough to keep out of the reach of your baby.