3 Ways to Donate to Breast Cancer Charities

Three New Ways to Donate to Breast Cancer Charities

When it comes to making a donation, many people think with their wallets. They assume that those organizations only need cash, and they think that donating money is the only thing they can do. There are a number of ways in which people now donate to breast cancer awareness charities. These organizations put women in touch with doctors and give them resources that help them until they can leave the hospital with a clean bill of health. No matter what your financial situation is or how much time you have, you can still make a donation to one of those charities.

Donate Your Time

There are two ways that you can donate your time to breast cancer charities. You can either take part in an event happening in your area, or if there are no upcoming events, you can host your own. Marathons are one of the more popular types of cancer awareness groups. Participants accept donations from others for every mile or kilometer they remain in the race. You can also host an event that raises money in other ways, including a bake sale, a community rummage sale or a car wash.

Donate Property

Cancer charities use property in a number of different ways. One group might use the donation of land or a commercial property as a new headquarters. If you have an old car that you no longer use, you can donate that vehicle to the organization. Some even make donations in the form of soaps, shampoos, makeup and deodorants. If you are a smart shopper and take advantage of coupons, you can buy dozens of health, wellness and beauty products for a fraction of the retail cost and donate those supplies to other women.

Shop Online and Off

Shopping with partner companies is one of the best ways to give back to a breast cancer charities. These organizations partner with companies that sell everything from vacation packages to clothing. Every time that you make a purchase from one of those retailers, the retailer gives a portion of the sale back to the charity. You’ll also find a number of online sites that partner with those charities, which makes giving a donation even easier. You can feel good about making a donation to a good charity at the same time that you buy the things that you already need.