Things to Know About Diaper Rash

Crawling Baby with Pacifier

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Crawling Baby with Pacifier

Diaper rash is a very concerning matter to parents whose babies are very sensitive to wearing diapers. It can cause irritation to them where you can see redness, swelling, and scaling in the areas near the genitalia, the buttocks, or the hips. The skin also expands its signs even outside the diaper area, where you can see spots on the tummy area, and even on the thighs and feet.

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Why does diaper rash occur?

Diapers are known to be baby underwear that locks in wetness that usually experienced when they pee. Since it stores in urine, it may cause irritation to babies if the diaper is too tight and close to the skin, and without movement allowance. The bacteria stays in, even becoming painful because it is warm inside the diaper.

Other reasons why rashes happen is the laundry soap being used in washing cloth diapers, or other baby products are not hypoallergenic. It can also occur if the mother is on antibiotics while breastfeeding the baby, which can be quite worrisome.

What can be done to avoid diaper rash?

The only thing that needs to be done is to make sure that the diaper area is open to air, away from contained bacteria, and dry. This can be done in some of the steps:

    • Let them enjoy moments where no diaper is in place
    • Put talcum powder between the legs, the buttocks, and the genitalia for a cooling effect
    • Use cloth diapers during naps and plastic diapers at night
    • Change diapers quickly during naps as babies pee right after napping
    • Whether or not plastic diapers are filled in the morning, change it

How do you treat babies experiencing diaper rash?

There are sure ways on how to treat diaper rash quickly, without a need to consult the doctor. These tips will provide you and your baby, peace of mind in taking care of the rashes right away:

  • When diaper is wet or soiled, clean their bottom with warm water, with or without baby soap
  • Use products that do not have any perfumes. Alcohol makes the irritation hurt worse
  • Dry the baby’s skin before putting in new diapers
  • Use ointments that have zinc oxide or petroleum jelly to protect skin from moisture
  • Avoid plastic diapers that have plastic edges as this cause friction to movement
  • Pat your baby with towel to remove wetness, rather than scrubbing it.

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