Taking Action: 5 Ways Moms Can Protect Their Baby after a Birth Injury

Taking Action: 5 Ways Moms Can Protect Their Baby after a Birth Injury

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Taking Action: 5 Ways Moms Can Protect Their Baby after a Birth Injury

Mothers of newborn babies experience a lot of medical challenges after giving birth. Birth injuries are among the most devastating medical challenges these mothers face. They may be caused by abnormalities in child delivery. They result in a burden of lifelong medical expenses. Their consequences also include musculoskeletal problems, neurological problems, psychological problems, emotional Impairment, and cognitive impairment. Listed below are procedures that moms can adopt in protecting their young ones after a birth injury.

Seeking Legal Advice

The good news for moms is that there are law firms whose specialty lies in birth injury and medical malpractice cases. These firms are manned by lawyers who are committed to helping moms get the best medical care for their kids with birth injuries. They ensure that doctors and hospitals are held accountable for their practices because the injuries could be prevented if the doctors acted adequately. An example of such a firm is Snyder & Winner, P.C. Mothers should also contact a competent lawyer to help them in seeking justice and compensation for their kids with congenital disabilities.

Seeking a Life Care Plan for Their Baby

Kids with birth injuries have lifelong cognitive or musculoskeletal disabilities. When drafting a life care plan, medical specialists and experts usually assemble the costs of what a kid needs to live comfortable and healthy on a long-term basis. Mom should visit their doctors for advice on how this legal document will be drafted. They should also seek government services for children with birth injuries.

These services include medical care, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and Medicaid, social security benefits, and education services. In the U.S., parents of disabled children can apply for the Supplementary Security Income (SSI) that is issued by the Social Security Administration. Furthermore, disabled children are entitled to state-paid special education as outlined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Joining a Support Group for Families of Children with Birth Injuries

Support groups offer group therapy to mothers of babies with congenital disabilities. Group therapy helps these moms to network, connect, and heal with people who share similar experiences. When a birth injury is detected in a baby, support groups linked to a particular hospital usually contact the mom. Moms can also visit their local library or adult center to find out about support groups in their area of residence.

To ensure that their disabled kids live healthily and comfortably, mothers should seek life care plans and legal help from a licensed lawyer. They should also take advantage of government services like special education, social security benefits, and medical care. These services are meant to make the lives of kids living with birth injuries better.