Summer Camp: 4 Tips To Help Your Child Have The Best Summer Yet

Summer Camp Photo

One of the fun things that kids can do over the summer is to go to camp. It could be a day camp where they get out of the house for a few hours or a camp where they are gone for a week at a time. As a parent, you can make sure that your child has the best time ever with a few tips about packing, playing and even being prepared for emergencies if they might happen.


While you might be tempted to get a few new outfits or shoes for your child to wear, it’s really not necessary. Kids will be playing outside, swimming and enjoying nature while they are at camp. They don’t need a lot of new clothes that are packed. However, you might want to get a few new toiletries to send with your child, such as a travel toothbrush and toothpaste or travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Scout The ERs

In the event that your child is in an accident or needs medical attention in any way, it’s best to start looking at the locations of emergency rooms and urgent care centers, like the Premier Urgent Care Centers of California, Inc., near the camp before your child leaves. This will make it easier to meet your child at the facility if anything does happen. Look at maps online, and print directions so that you have them in the car. You can also enter the directions into your GPS in the car.


Write a few letters before your child goes to camp. When your child leaves, mail a letter so that it arrives soon after your child settles in, giving your child encouragement and an understanding that you are happy about the camping trip. Most camps will let kids call home during the week. Packages are sometimes allowed if the child will be gone for longer than a week. The package could include snacks and items needed to write home.

Talk About What To Expect

If this is your child’s first time at camp, you need to go over some of the things that might be offered. Talk about the fun things that you know will interest your child, such as painting, sports or group meetings with the other kids at the camp. This will give your child a positive outlook about the adventure.

A camp for kids is a fun time for them to get to know others who are their age. They can get a little taste of what it’s like to be away from parents as well. This is a time when children can learn about the interests that they have and how to communicate with others who are their age.

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