Sit Still: What to Look for in a Child Portrait Photographer

What to Look for in a Child Portrait Photographer

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Your child won’t sit still during a photography session. Perhaps your child won’t do anything at all: the whole situation is boring them.

It can be difficult to keep your child focused on a photography session. That is why you need a good child portrait photographer. Finding a good one is another deal entirely.

Don’t fret! There is still a way to get photos of your child that you want. Here’s what you should look for in a child portrait photographer.

Time for Play Is Okay

It is okay to let your child play during their child’s photography session! A good photographer will let your child do what they do best: play.

A child photographer can grab interesting shots of your child playing that are genuine. Sometimes a posed photo doesn’t encapsulate your child the way a photo of them in motion. If it is difficult to calm your child down, getting them to play a game like copycat will help focus them while still engaging their sense of play.

Their joy can shine through in all of their preschool portraits!

Objects to Hold Help Too

A great child photographer will know what sorts of props or objects to hand your child. Props are great for several reasons, the main one being it gives your child something to hold. That may calm their nervous or excited energy.

It also looks great for the photo! A good photographer will know how to get a good child portrait of a child holding a prop. By allowing the child time to examine and play with the object, you may get some of those precious shots of them that you want.

Kids Want to Look at Something Interesting

If your child does need to stay still for a bit, getting them to look at something they find interesting might help keep their attention.

A good child photographer might have something attached to their camera, such as a fun stuffed animal or a treat to reward the child with after the shoot. Bribery can work, especially if it’s candy!

Maybe the photographer wears some animal ears for fun too. At any rate, a good child portrait photographer will know how to keep your child looking at them (and the camera!).

Involve Them and Their Opinions

Your child is a person too. A good photographer knows this and will involve them in the photography process.

One good way a photographer can do this is by asking for the child’s opinion of photos after they take one. The child may then feel more interested in the photography session if their opinions and ideas are taken into account. It is also a good learning experience for them too.

What Makes a Good Child Portrait Photographer

When a child portrait photographer allows your child to play, helps them focus, and involves them in the process, child photography is a lot easier on your child and also on you.

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