Selecting Maternity Casual Wear

When it comes to dressing anytime, style is definitely key. When dressing during pregnancy, comfort becomes just as important as style, particularly as the months progress. Luckily, looking your best while pregnant is simpler than ever – particularly when it comes to casual, everyday clothing. Here, we’ll share some tips for choosing maternity casual wear that looks and feels fantastic, no matter how big your bump becomes.

Casual Maternity Wear

Dressing During the First Trimester

During the first few months of your pregnancy, you’ll be able to fit into many of your favorite outfits, so you won’t need to worry much about what to wear. Now is a good time to begin going through your wardrobe and eliminating anything with a tight or clingy fit. Choose styles with silhouettes that can easily camouflage the few extra pounds you are likely to gain during the first trimester – anything that flows smoothly over the hips, thighs, and belly is definitely a keeper. Good choices include empire-waisted tops, wrap shirts, A-line skirts, and easygoing dresses. Blouson style tops are also great – these have fitted waistbands and roomy fabric that falls loosely over the front of your body. The look they offer is slightly tailored, so you don’t look like you’re wearing a muumuu.

Boot-cut jeans with a little stretch can help keep your look perfectly pulled together, particularly when you add your favorite shoes and boots to the equation.

Dressing During the Second Trimester

Depending on your body, you might not be quite ready for maternity wear at the beginning of your second trimester, but your old clothes will almost certainly not fit you properly. Belly bands can be helpful style aids all throughout your pregnancy – they help cover waistbands that don’t fit properly, and they help to lengthen the look of tops that may be riding up.

To continue looking great throughout the middle of your pregnancy, choose pants and skirts with comfortable, stretchy waistbands. Leggings with long tops are a great choice, and layered looks up top can be very helpful. Cardigans add comfort during the cooler months, and have a streamlining effect you’ll appreciate.

The problem many women face during this point in pregnancy is looking as though they’ve simply let themselves go. When the body thickens and there’s no real baby bump to show off, it might be tempting to simply choose billowy tops and forget about style. Instead, look for maternity tops and tunics with fitted shoulders and arms that flow gracefully across your midsection, and choose tank tops and other items with built-in panels that shape and smooth your body’s growing curves. Smooth jersey fabrics, tie back styles, and tops with ruching or gathers can be great choices, too. Maternity jeans can be paired with nearly everything, so get a few pairs in colors you like.

Now is definitely the time to invest in some great bras if you haven’t already. Maternity bras and nursing bras are comfortable and expandable, plus they have extra protection where you need it. Foundation garments, including supportive underwear, will help you feel and look better as your body expands.

The Third Trimester

Now is the time to show off that baby bump! Depending on the season, you’ll want a few comfortable dresses – either tank-style maxi dresses you can pair with comfy sandals for hot weather, or jersey wrap dresses with long sleeves for winter wear. Comfortable tunics and knit leggings will also help you look your best, and slip-on shoes will help prevent you from having to bend over to pull on boots or tie up laces. Pick colors you like, use fun patterns, and remember to accessorize.

Today’s designers offer many options for maintaining your sense of style while expecting. Take advantage of what’s available, and try to have fun with your look – after all, pregnancy is a special time which ought to be celebrated.