How Pro Parents Ready Themselves to Move with a New Baby

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Moving is sometimes an overwhelming and stressful experience. If your household includes a baby, the process could get more complicated. The prospect of moving with a baby does not have to exhaust you if you follow these four helpful tips, plan ahead and include plenty of patience.

Dedicate an Adult to Baby Care

Taking care of a baby requires constant vigilance and attention. Be sure to dedicate a responsible adult to care for the baby on moving day. This person should not have to do any of the moving-related activities. For the comfort of the baby, the adult should be someone who is familiar to the child.

Locate Professional Moving Services

Trying to do all of your own packing and loading could wear you out. Locate professional moving services specialists who can handle some of these heavy-duty tasks for you. Some companies, such as M. Dyer & Sons Inc., have dollies and other pieces of moving equipment to reduce the workload. They also have the experience to get the work done as efficiently as possible. Be sure that the moving services includes everything you need, such as padding furniture and putting corner protectors on the walls during the move-out.

Plan for Extra Travel Time

A baby cannot be expected to handle long hours in a car seat if you are moving more than 50 to 100 miles away from your current location. Plan for extra travel time if you are driving. You will need to take breaks about every two hours to change and feed the baby. If flying, plan to purchase a separate seat for the baby. Bring the infant car seat with you for your baby to sit in on the plane.

Pack a Bag with Essentials for the Baby

Babies require a lot of supplies. Be sure to bring enough infant formula if you are not breastfeeding the baby. Plan to bring extra diapers and wipes, too. Pack a few extra changes of clothes in case the baby has a diaper blowout or spits up. Include a few plastic bags to wrap soiled clothing or diapers in.

Do what you can in order to prepare for the unexpected while moving with a baby. Have plenty of sundries, along with some comfort items such as a stuffed animal or favorite blanket. Bring along some music that will help to soothe your infant if he or she gets irritable. Take care of yourself, too, and turn to the moving professionals to shorten your to-do list.

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