How to Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

The whole family is bound to be overjoyed at the prospect of a little bundle of joy joining the family. Yet, there is one member of the family who might be unaware of the new addition to the clan: your pet dog.

Dog with new baby

It is therefore important to find out how to prepare your dog for a new baby joining thee household.

Start Immediately

Are you unsure when to start prepping your dog for a baby? The answer is immediately. Don’t wait until your son or daughter arrives in the world to start getting your dog ready for a baby. The more time you spend preparing a dog, the more comfortable he or she will be about the changes to their home life.

Obedience Classes

One of the first things you can do to prepare your dog is to take him or her along to obedience training. If your dog has a firm understanding of basic commands, you can trust he or she will be easier to control around the baby. So, aim to master basic instructions, such as sit, down and lay down. You can therefore control your dog whilst focusing on your newborn’s needs.

Crate Training

Have you never used crate training to house train your canine? If not, there is no better time to start. Both housebroken and untrained dogs can benefit from crate training once the baby arrives, as it will provide you with a safe place to confine your dog around the baby. It will also provide your pet with a comfortable space to escape from the newborn. However, never leave the dog in a crate for more than a few hours, and ensure you find the best crate for his or her weight, height and needs. For example, a chihuahua, pug or Papillion might be happy in an extra small crate, but a basset hound, English setter or schnauzer might require an extra-large option.

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Improve Behavioral Issues

Does your dog have various behavioral issues that could be either hazardous or dangerous when caring for a newborn? If so, you must take the steps to nip them in the bud before your baby arrives in the world. For instance, barking and destructive behavior cannot only be annoying, but the bad habits could also startle your baby during sleep. What’s more, an aggressive or jumping canine can pose a risk to the health and safety of your son or daughter. If you cannot improve your dog’s behavior alone, consider hiring a dog trainer to help you overcome any issues.

Safely Introduce Your Dog to Babies

Bringing a newborn into the home might be your dog’s first experience with a baby. The new sounds, smells, routine, and attention can therefore be a confusing time for your pet. Aim to gently introduce your dog to babies before you welcome a newborn into the family home. As a result, your dog will have experience spending time around babies, so might happily accept the cooing, crying, smells and attention, which can prevent confusion, frustration, or jealousy.

How To Prepare A Dog For A New Baby