Pregnancy questions and answers for dummy partners

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Pregnant GirlfriendBeing pregnant is not something easy to deal with, especially if the couple hasn’t gone through that ever before. The changes that take place during those nine months on the woman’s body are so many and intense that it is almost impossible for us men to understand. After I experienced my girlfriend’s first pregnancy I decided to write some tips for other guys who will go through that period for the first time and they may have the very same questions as I did.

Why does she sleep all the time?

It’s absolutely normal and nothing to worry about. It is related to those changes taking place which result in exhaustion and fatigue so getting some good sleep is very essential.

Why doesn’t she cook anymore?

It’s not because she doesn’t want to but probably because she can’t stand the smells in the kitchen. An increased sensitivity to particular odors is very common although it varies from woman to woman but the general rule is that they don’t want to be in an environment that makes them feel sick. Normally the bedroom is the place where they will be hanging out the most.

Why has she changed her eating habits?

During pregnancy the relationship with the food changes according to what the hormones mandate. Food she used to like can make her sick, or food she used to hate can be the one she likes the most.

Why doesn’t she have dinner with me anymore?

Again, this is not because she doesn’t like you but because either on that particular moment the thought of having food makes her sick or just because she’s really comfortable where she is and she doesn’t want to move at all. Being in an environment with strong odors is what she’s trying to avoid, not you.

Why is she crying for no reason?

Again, nothing to worry about as it is another side effect caused by the hormones. Just try to be supportive and it should all go away but if it doesn’t you don’t need to panic or think she’s nuts.

Why isn’t she going out anymore?

This is a complex one but the general idea lies behind feeling safe. Because nausea and sickness can occur at any time, being at home gives her a sense of security and she can be more relaxed. Therefore, do not insist if she doesn’t want to go out. After having birth she will do it anyway, with or without you.

Why is she neglecting domestic tasks?

This depends on her personality but many guys complain about it. I think that it is a matter of prioritization. The number one priority during that time is the baby and the way she feels, therefore she will do anything that makes her feel better and ease the pregnancy. Domestic tasks don’t fall into that so we may have to do a bit more than usually.

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