Post Maternity Leave: 4 Considerations to Make Before Going Back to Work

Post Maternity Leave: 4 Considerations to Make Before Going Back to Work

After the birth of your child, your life has changed. Returning to work takes on a whole new dimension. There are lots of factors to take into consideration. Here are some things that you will need to take into account before you return to work.

Child Care Options

Leaving your baby in the hands of another person can be nerve racking for a new mother. This may even be the first time that you have been away from your child for an extended period of time. Finding the right person to care for your child can be difficult. Daycares generally involve lots of children being together. This runs the risk of your child picking up germs and becoming ill. A nanny, like those from Abracadabra Brighton Domestic Agencies, is another solution. You can personally select who will be caring for your child in your home. You can check references and establish ground rules for your child’s care. You may even want the nanny to start before you return to work. This way you can watch how the nanny will be with your child.

Visit Before You Return

Before the date that you have set to return to work, visit your workplace. It can be awkward once you do return to work. This can ease the tension and make your first day go smoother. You can see if anything has changed while you were away. It will allow you establish if there have been any policy changes in your absence. Meet with your boss and discuss your workplace expectations. This would be a good time to establish extra break times for pumping needs or other accommodations that you will require. Returning to work will be very emotional for you. Let your boss know that you are committed to working, but that it will be difficult for you at first.

Consider Flexible Scheduling

You might want to consider returning to work part time at first. Maybe you will want to have the option of reduced hours in the beginning. Caring for your baby after work can leave you feeling even more drained. There will likely still be nighttime feedings with your baby. Plus the added stress of returning to the workplace, means that you will not be performing at your best. Explain to your boss that you want to work, but that it will take some time to ease back into the routine. It may even require that you work out a new routine. Don’t feel pressured to come back and act like nothing has changed. Everything has changed for you.

Be Prepared

Get yourself prepared the night before so that you don’t feel rushed in the morning. This means that you should pack your lunch, snacks, and any pumping supplies the night before. Set your bag near the door so that you can just grab it before heading out. You might even want to plan your outfit the night before. This can help you to save even more time in the morning. It will allow you to have more time with your baby before you leave for work. If you have a nanny, have them come a little early so that you can ease into the childcare transition. If you are using a daycare, leave a little early so that you can get your baby settled before heading to work.

The thought of returning to work can be very stressful. Use these solutions to ease the transition and return to work with success.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.