Parents Should Keep Tabs on Kids Mobile Activity

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In today’s hyperconnected world, children are getting smart phones and other mobile devices at an earlier age than ever before. Most kids are even more tech-savvy than their parents, and are engaging in online activities and using social media constantly throughout the day. The downside to this trend is that children often do not fully understand the effects on their personal safety of things that they post or activities they engage in online or via text.

We hear every day about kids who have gotten involved in inappropriate or dangerous activities such as sexting, cyberbullying, distribution of inappropriate photographs (that are considered child pornography in many situations), and meeting strangers online. That iPhone or wireless tablet – that is supposed to be a learning tool or a way for parents to remain in touch with kids – becomes a dangerous item if misused by children. In response to this concern, iPhone spy software is available for parents to monitor all activity on kids’ phones.

With all of the social media sites on the internet today, a primary concern of many parents is the kinds of images and videos their children may be sharing or posting. YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Facebook are all popular platforms that kids utilize to share images and video clips. Savvy kids can easily delete these inappropriate items if they are concerned about parents finding the evidence on their phones; but smart phone spy software makes it possible for parents to monitor all activities whether or not kids remove the evidence.

Phone spy software such as logs all phone activity and either sends it to a designated email address or loads it to a secure website where parents can visit to see everything their kids have done on the phone. Depending on which spy software installed, this can include calls made and received, texts including all content, pictures sent and received, videos viewed, Facebook posts and comments, and website browsing histories. Most smart phone spyware also has GPS locating devices, and some even allow a parent to see what activity is occurring on the phone in real time.

Smart phone spy software provides parents with peace of mind. It allows parents to know if their children are engaging in inappropriate, dangerous, and even illegal activities via texting and social media. And often, just the knowledge that their parents can monitor their activities will be enough to prevent kids’ misuse of the privilege of having a smart phone.