Need help finding a new pediatrician?

Do you need a baby doctor for your newborn? Finding a good pediatrician is not an easy task. You need one that will care about your baby and one that’s not clear across town, in case you have to take your sick baby to see them. It’s hard to have a sick baby in the back seat, crying their eyes out while you drive 40 miles to see your baby doctor.

So, that’s the first criteria – finding a pediatrician whose office is close to your house. Of course, if you live in the suburbs you’re not going to find one on the next street over, but there just might be one within a few miles. Ask other parents who their Austin baby doctor is and where the office is located. Word of mouth recommendation is the best you can get when you’re looking for a pediatrician.

Of course, the best time to look for a pediatrician is when you’re pregnant, but if you’ve waited too long and your baby has already arrived, then you’ll need to put a list together of the qualities you want for your baby doctor. You may have to visit several of them, with the baby, to see which one you like and which one will take good care of your baby.

It sad to say, but some pediatricians are in it just for the money or prestige. If they don’t act like they will take good care of your baby, you might want to find another pediatrician. They should know about some very important issues such as breast feeding, vaccines, and circumcision, if it hasn’t been done already.

Find out what the baby doctor’s office hours are, do they see children in the evening, and emergency office calls. Drive over to the office to see how long it will take, think about a sick baby vomiting in the back seat while you’re driving to the office. The closer they are to your home the better off your baby will be when they need to see their pediatrician.

However, don’t choose an Austin baby doctor just because the office is two blocks from your house. Be sure they have a good reputation, are well thought of and have time to see your baby when it’s convenient for you, not them.

Check with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ website to find a certified pediatrician, so you can have peace of mind and a healthy baby.