Memory Game for Baby Showers

Baby Matching Game

Items needed for this baby shower game:

  • Various baby items* such a rattle, nail clippers, booties, pacifier, diaper pins, baby spoon, etc.
  • Way to display items (you can lay out on a tray or put all items into a bag)
  • Pens & Paper for answers

*Baby items can either be used (if you have a baby of your own, you probably have several items to use) or they can be new, and the winner will receive all of the items as the prize (which they will turn around the gift to the mom-to-be). If buying new, I suggest shopping at a dollar store to keep your costs down.

Pass around the tray of items or a bag filled with the items (can actually be a diaper bag or just a gift bag). Let each guest look at the items and try to memorize them. They can’t start writing down their answers until all guests have looked. The one with the most right answers wins!

You can supply blank paper for the answers for guests to number themselves or be fancy and create numbered sheets to print out ahead of time. If you have a lot of items, you may even want to supply the first letter of each item for hints.

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Image Source: Public Domain Pictures