How to Manage a Cross-Country Move with Toddlers in Tow

Moving Cross Country with a Toddler

Cross-Country moves are typically complicated and multi-faceted. Toddler are typically curious and quite mobile. It may seem nearly impossible to smoothly make such a big transition with a toddler in tow. However, it is quite possible to have a successful move, even with a young family member involved. Read on for some great suggestions.

Involve Extended Family Members or Friends

It is unsafe and inconvenient to have your toddler running around while the move is actually in process and movers are transporting big boxes in and out of the home. Some companies, like United Moving and Storage, know that you can schedule a family member or friend to care for your toddler on both ends of the move. This not only gives your little one safety and enjoyment, but also gives you peace of mind. Consider also having someone watch your little guy or girl while you pack and unpack necessary items. This gives you a best chance at making sound decisions rather than distractedly and hurriedly tossing items in and out of boxes or into spaces in the new house.

Scope out The New Neighborhood Beforehand

To make the move and transition as fluid as possible, use online resources to scope out cool playgrounds and even play groups to visit and possibly join. Check out libraries and nature centers as well. Try to keep your toddlers life as familiar as possible while also adding some exciting new elements. By frequenting these types of places, you are also likely to meet other families with toddlers.

Stick to the Schedule

Although moves can wreak havoc on a schedule, make your very best effort to provide your toddler with meals and snacks on his or her normal time table. Also try to keep sleep schedules as close to normal as possible. Keep favorite toys out of the packing boxing or be sure that they are loaded last and unpacked first. Although there will be a lot of details to attend to, also be sure to take frequent breaks to focus solely on your toddler. Doing so will also be beneficial to your own stress and comfort levels.

Create a New Tradition or Celebration

Build excitement for your new location by choosing a restaurant to frequent weekly or a park to visit each weekend. Decide to annually celebrate your first day in your new locale. Consider giving your toddler a special moving gift to open. Hang something new like a growing chart in the home or involve your toddler in choosing items for the new place.

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Toddlers are delightful little people, and with some planning ahead, they can handle change relatively well. Simply enlist some extra care and love for the process and keep your own time with your toddler balanced. Allow your toddler’s natural curiosity to flourish as you and your other family members also explore the different location with new and fresh eyes. Enjoy the benefits and blessings of both the place you are moving away from, as well as the one you are moving to.

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