Learning Styles – Which One Works Best For Your Kids?

Learning Styles

The way schools are often set up only applies to one type of learning style which only represents a small percentage of the student population. There are several learning types, and many children exhibit strengths in more than one style of learning, or they employ different styles with different content and material. Figuring out which learning style works best for your kids must start with understanding what learning styles are, and which styles are identified as the most common.


Visual learners prefer charts, diagrams, images, and maps to learn new information. They will often comment on how something looks or notice visual differences in things. Young visual learners may doodle or draw while learning new things. Your child may be a visual learner if they understand maps and graphs easily.


Auditory, or aural, learners understand new content best by listening to lectures or speeches and through group discussion. The youngest auditory learners will love to have stories read to them. They usually love to talk and to listen to music. Often they will read out loud to themselves to further understand something.


These learners prefer reading books and essays about topic to understand them and remember them. They learn best through the written word. Verbal learners will devour books on their own and will write stories of their own to make sense of things around them. Often this type of learner excels at distance education and would be well-suited for earning an online applied psychology degree or other discipline wherein they would excel. Playing to your educational strengths leads to success.


Kinesthetic learners are best suited to hands-on and experiential learning. They learn and remember best by trying something and figuring out how it works. These kids are great at things like sports, dance, and drama. You may notice that they have trouble sitting still for very long and prefer to do more than one thing at a time like listen to music while reading.

Take a moment to inventory your child’s habits and patterns. When do they get excited to learn and when do they get frustrated? Do they love building models but can’t seem to get through a chapter book without complaining? They may be more a kinesthetic learner. Do they love to chat about anything but dread jumping in to try something brand new? Very likely they are auditory learners. Observing your child’s behavior and what seems to work for them is essential to knowing what their learning style is and how to use it to their advantage in their lives.

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