How To Keep Your Children Safe In The Sun

Child amongst sunflowers

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the sunshine? The world always feels like a happier place when the weather is good, and a little sunshine can go a long way to improving your mood.
With this said, the increased temperatures can be a real worry for parents that are concerned about their children’s health.

As a mother of 3, and a foster mother of twins, I’m very keen to keep the children in my care safe in the sun. When I decided to become a foster carer, this issue became even more important. I could never let a child in my care get sunburnt, dehydrated or suffer sunstroke – so I needed to be clued up on how to protect them from the sun.

Babies & Young Children

It’s obviously very important to keep all babies and young children cool in the heat. Babies are can become restless when they’re feeling too hot or too cold, and it’s more difficult to get them to settle to sleep.

During the night they are likely to wake more frequently due to the discomfort of the temperature. Here are a few tips for keeping babies cool in the heat :

  • Dress them appropriately for the room temperature. Put yourself in their shoes – babies will be comfortable dressed for temperatures as you would dress yourself. So ask yourself how hot it feels and what you would be comfortable in when you are considering how to dress you baby. This sounds obvious, but many people are too afraid of their baby getting cold and they over dress them in the heat. Feel your child, if they feel warm, take off some of their clothing.
  • Create a breeze and ventilate your home. Open windows and have your AC on – or if you don’t have AC, buy a fan and place it close to a window.
  • Use appropriate bedding, being careful not to cover your child too much.
  • Give them a quick, refreshing bath to cool their temperature and make them more comfortable.
  • Get a room thermometer so that you can monitor how hot they are. You should also accurately check baby’s temperature using a thermometer.

Older Children & Teens

The above tips also apply with older children and teenagers, but there are other ways you need to make sure that you need to ensure that they are protected.

Make sure that they apply a high factor sun screen throughout the day, wear suitable clothing and wear a hat.

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You also need to make sure that they drink plenty and stay hydrated. Encourage them the eat and drink regularly and the spend some time to in the shade to avoid heat/sun stroke and dehydration.

Remember to try and use this sunny period to spend some quality time bond with your children.
Enjoy trips to the park and create fun, summer memories with them! You’ll wish you had done more should the weather change.

Keep Your Children Safe In The Sun