In Vitro Fertilization – A Viable Solution For Infertile Couples?

In Vitro Fertilization - a viable solution for infertile couples

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There comes a time in a couple’s life when starting a family becomes a priority. Having a child might be the next big move you want to make in your life, but when you are facing infertility problems, and aren’t able to get pregnant, going through a  lot of emotional stress and a poor state of mind is bound to happen. Instead of letting yourself be affected by this issue, you should start seeking solutions on the matter. IVFIn Vitro Fertilization has become one of the options infertile couples go for, being an effective solution in conceiving a child. Before you make a decision, however, you should get familiar with the topic a bit more. Here are some useful things that need to be known about IVF

Higher efficiency thanf other fertility treatments

After discovering that you and your partner are dealing with a fertility problem, you have probably started to explore your treatment options. Although there are various means of actions you can take on the matter, few of them will actually provide you with results. After comparing the possibilities put at your disposal and researching in-depth success rates, you will rapidly conclude that IVF comes as the solution with the highest efficiency outcomes. Going through various treatment alternatives, such as taking different fertility medications or having an intrauterine insemination, might only mean a waste of time and money. IVF is pointed out by the majority of experts to be the most effective solution, so it’s safer and more convenient if you choose it as your main treatment plan.

Pre-implantation genetic screening

In some situations, couples deal with concerns regarding potential health issues their child might have due to their families’ medical track records. Chromosomal abnormalities and genetic disorders can be passed on from one generation to another, so besides the fertility problems you are going through, you may be stressing yourself over this particular risk as well. What you should know is that another great thing about an IVF treatment is the fact that this procedure can follow a pre-implantation genetic screening. Because an expert will carry out a PGS in advance, the health of the embryo that will be fertilized can be tested, and any abnormalities will be spotted through DNA sequencing. This means the healthiest embryo can be chosen, and you can gain peace of mind that you will be giving birth to a healthy child, regardless of the genetic disorders that may be running in your family.

Full timing-control

There are situations when couples wish to postpone a potential pregnancy due to certain aspects of their life. Because over a certain age, conceiving becomes more difficult, even for those who may not have dealt with fertility issues in the past, cryopreserving embryos or eggs can be a great solution. Without constantly worrying that your biological clock is ticking, with IVF you have the possibility of gaining full control over the time when you would prefer to get pregnant. This procedure gives you the opportunity to decide when your baby will be born, which can be a factor that supports your lifestyle in amazing ways. If you were worried that you might want to wait too long until conceive, In Vitro Fertilization may solve your concerns. This treatment fixes bot current or future fertility problems and gives you the flexibility you desire when it comes to expanding your family.

Lower your odds of miscarriage

Finding out you are expecting a baby is an emotional and fulfilling experience, so having to deal with a miscarriage can certainly be considered a nightmare, and something any couple would want to avoid. However, incidents of this kind can’t always be prevented or expected, and it will have quite the negative effect on your relationship, as well as personal state of mind. Well, once you look into the topic a bit further, you will also learn that if the child has been conceived with the help of an IVF treatment, the odds of dealing with a miscarriage scenario will be lowered. Genetic abnormalities are usually the ones that lead to a miscarriage in the first place, so with the PGS mentioned above, which is performed prior to IVF and facilitates the determination of the embryo’s genetic viability, you can be ensured of a healthy pregnancy.

Choosing an IVF clinic

In Vitro Fertilization - a viable solution for infertile couplesNow that you are aware of what an IVF procedure brings to the table, you may want to discuss with a specialist directly. For the treatment to be carried out by the book, it’s critical to find a good clinic that facilitates this type of medical intervention. Considering the complexity revolving around In Vitro Fertilization, you are advised to research your options with precise care, and choose a clinic that actually raises up to impressive practice standards. Look for:

  • Transparency – make sure the specialists working there can provide you with all the explanations you need on the procedure. They should be transparent regarding risks, success rates, prices and any other details that will allow you to reach an informed decision.
  • Care and support – you should rely on a clinic that comes with 24/7 assistance, in case of potential emergencies arising. Try to figure out just how much effort the clinic puts in providing proper care for their patients.
  • Reputation – look for any testimonials that will allow you to discover more about the clinic’s reputation
  • Accreditation – make sure the facility has all certificates in order and the specialists working there are accredited to carry out this sort of fertility treatment.

Not being able to conceive can be an overwhelming issue that will soon start to affect not only your relationship but other areas of your life as well, considering the emotional drawbacks this type of problem comes with. However, with the advancement of medicine, treating your infertile has become possible, and through IVF, you may be able to finally benefit from the long expected pregnancy. There are many details that revolve around this type of procedure, but the factors stated in this article clearly explain its pros. Considering the high success rate of pregnancies obtained through IVF, it certainly something you and your spouse should think about.