How to Send a New Baby Congratulation Flowers

new baby flowers

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Giving flowers is a way of congratulating someone you know who had just welcomed a new baby. new baby flowersIt is easy to give flowers when you don’t know what present to bring to a baby shower party. Or, if you can’t attend a baby shower party, then, giving flowers is also a good option. The following are 6 tips on how to send a new baby congratulations flowers.1. Choose Flowers Based on Baby GenderThe type of flowers you choose depends on the gender of the new-born baby. If it is a girl, you should choose pink, white or purple flowers. Examples of baby shower flowers for a new born girl are lilies, roses, lavender, and carnations. If you are sending the flower to the hospital room, make sure the arrangement is a bright colour so that it can cheer up the room atmosphere and add a home feeling.If it is a new-born boy, you should send blue flowers like iris instead. Usually, people only send flower when the mother and baby are still in the hospital. The mother and baby may spend 1 – 4 days in the hospital room. Only those who know the mother well should send flowers directly to the hospital room.2. Flowers for the Mother and Baby Who Has Come HomeIf the mother and the new-born have already come home, you should send flowers in a vase. Many online florist stores include free vase when you buy flowers from them. It will be troublesome for the recipient to find a vase as her hands are full now on taking care of the new-born. Giving flowers in a vase can also constantly remind the recipient about the kind thoughts. For more details see here.3. Choose Flowers that are Vibrant and Soft SmellingWhen choosing a flower for a new-born baby, it is important to always select bouquet with bright colour flower. You can mix and match different types of vibrant flowers such as roses, daffodils, lilacs, gerberas, and chrysanthemums. Another thing is that it must not have a strong aroma as it may cause allergies to the tender lungs of the baby. Instead, choose flowers with a soft scent so that the recipient will not be bothered by the scent.4. Add-ons for the Flower GiftTo make your gift look grand, you can add balloons to it. Foil balloon is the best option since it can last up to 4 – 8 weeks. Latex balloon that is filled with helium will only last for 10 hours. You can also pair the bouquet with a soft toy. The child will remember the soft toy when he/she grows up.5. When Not to Send FlowersYou should not send flowers if the baby is getting emergency medical attention in the ICU. Even though you just want to confirm them, the doctor will most likely prevent you from doing so. In this situation, it is best to wait a few weeks later when the baby is discharged from the hospital to send the flowers. Chances are by this time, the baby is already all right.If you have no idea what flowers to choose, you can get recommendations from the florist. The florist is knowledgeable on all types of flowers so they can recommend you how to mix and match to make a nice new baby bouquet. You can easily find someone to assist you by walking into a florist shop. It is only best to do this if you want to buy flowers from them since the advice they give is based on the flower selection in their florist shop.6. Shop for the Newborn Flowers OnlineYou can buy the flowers online at the online florist store. There are more selections of new-born bouquets when you shop online. It is also convenient for those who cannot find a nearby florist. Many online stores now have reduced the shipping cost to make it affordable for customers to buy flowers. Some even offer free shipping within the same region.What Kind Of Flowers To Send For A New Baby