How To Decorate A Bedroom For Twins

Twin bedrooms

People usually think that decorating a room for twins is as easy as doubling the content of a room for one child, but is that really so? The fact that your children are born in the same time should not and does not make them the same persons. From their earliest stage, they are and they will always be unique individuals with a strong bond, but also with many differences. When translated into the „decor language“, that would mean that you have to create a coherent ambiance in their room, but also separate their territories in a way that respects their individuality. Here are some tips that should help you accomplish that middle ground.

Separate Their Territories

This is the first thing you can do, so that you can further build the room décor upon it. If you have two clear territories from the beginning, it will be easier to come up with solutions for both halves of the room. The simplest way to divide the room is by using different paint colors or two shades of one color. If you are using two colors, just make sure they complement each other. Although using highly-saturated hues might seem logical for a kids’ room, you should avoid it, since a bedroom must evoke calmness and ease their sleep. Pastels just might be your best option.

Decide for a Theme

Similar like different colors, different themes can help you determine what to do next with the space you have on your disposal. In some cases, themes differ based on genders (e.g. girls – princesses; boys – football), but that is not always the best solution and it cannot be pulled off when you have two boys or two girls. Opting for gender-neutral themes that are appealing to both girls and boys, is always a better choice. You can decide for a specific theme, like Harry Potter or Little Prince, and make two variations of it (Prince and the rose; two houses of Hogwarts, etc.), or simply choose something more neutral like the beach, nature, books, etc.

Use Different Patterns

Mixing different patterns in the same room is a trend in home décor world for quite some time. Use that to create distinctions between the two parts of the room. Introduce the patterns with rugs, bedding, throw pillows, curtains, wallpapers, etc. Do not lose sight that the décor should be coherent rather than chaotic. Achieve that by using the same shades on the patterned pieces.

One Storage to Rule Them All

Storage is one of the most important things in kids’ room and it is something that burdens the parents the most. The good news is that it does not have to be double as stressful when you are decorating a room for twins. You can opt for one storage solution with dividers and drawers, and simply label the different parts with kids’ names.

Twin Beds

Two same beds will create a cohesive look in spite of all the different decorative elements. Also, when the beds are of the same size and shape, it is much easier to fit in other pieces. Besides, you can always add different bedding if it looks too identical, or if your kids start developing different interests and preferences.

Accessories Make All the Difference

Last, but not least, accessories such as table lamps, bookshelves and toys can make a huge difference and express the kids’ individuality the best. Adorn their shelves with different stuffed toys, figurines, cartoon character bobbleheads, etc. You can get creative with toy storage solutions too. Use storage bins, wine crates, etc.

Perhaps your two bundles of joy do not care about their room appearance right now, but soon enough, they will start developing their own interests and taste, and they would want to know they have something that belongs solely to them.

Image source: Pixabay

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