How To Combat These Five Discomforts That Often Come With Pregnancy

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How To Combat These Five Discomforts That Often Come With Pregnancy

The journey to motherhood inevitably produces troublesome aches and pains along the way. Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through them passively. The following information presents ways to ease a few common discomforts you may experience.

As you progress through your pregnancy, fluctuating hormones and posture changes can lead to bothersome backaches. To alleviate this discomfort, avoid standing for long lengths of time, and remember to bend with your knees when picking items up. While sitting, ensure appropriate back support by using a lumbar pillow. At night, try sleeping on your side with a firm pillow between your legs. While your growing belly can make it hard, focus on maintaining proper posture throughout your day.

  • Indigestion

Due to hormones and an increasingly crowded stomach, heartburn is an unfortunate side effect of many pregnancies. For easier digestion, break up your meals into several smaller snacks, and eat them slowly. Typical heartburn-inducing culprits, such as fried or spicy foods, wreak even more havoc during pregnancy, so it is best to avoid them. When sleeping, use gravity to your advantage to combat rising stomach acids. With extra pillows, elevate your head and shoulders.

  • Foot Pain

Due to loosening ligaments and increased weight, flattened arches and swollen feet are common complaints during pregnancy. For extra support, rely on sensible, well-fitting shoes with added arch support and shock absorption. When sitting, prop your feet up to help with circulation. It also wouldn’t hurt to solicit your partner or a friend for a relaxing foot rub. It’s also important to consult an expert if your foot pain becomes worse, or if you already have existing injuries.

  • Nausea

Thanks again to raging hormones, more than half of all pregnant women report feeling nauseated. Often caused by an empty stomach, you can minimize nausea by eating small meals and high-protein snacks every few hours. For the moments you don’t feel like eating, turn to foods like toast or crackers until you can handle something more substantial. Used for generations, warm ginger and peppermint teas help nausea subside more quickly. As an alternative to food or drink, motion-sickness bracelets work surprisingly well for pregnancy-induced nausea.

  • Constipation

Additional iron in your prenatal vitamins as well as increased pressure from your uterus can lead to uncomfortable constipation. To help your system run more smoothly, eat fiber-rich foods such as vegetables and whole grains. Drink plenty of water, at least 10 glasses a day, and exercise regularly.

Armed with knowledge and simple tips, you can power through your pregnancy and lessen these typical discomforts quickly and easily.