How to Choose a Stroller: A Guide for Stylish Moms

Choose a Stroller

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New moms have a lot of exciting choices to make!

From what onesies your little one’s going to be dressed in, to the style of your diaper bag, who knew having a baby could be so stylish?

But with a lot of options come a lot of decisions, and not all of them are easy. When it comes to picking a stroller, there are a lot of factors you need to consider to get the right option for you.

Take a look at our guide on how to choose a stroller to make your decision easier!

How to Choose a Stroller on a Budget

The first thing to consider when choosing a stroller is your budget. Ideally, you’ll have made a budget when you heard you were a mom-to-be that listed everything you needed and the money you had to spend on each item. Try and allocate as much as you can to your stroller.

You’ll be pushing your little one around in it a lot, and higher-end designs are often made better. They often move better, have great suspension, and modular seats so you can choose which way your baby faces.

If your budget’s tighter, look at buying second hand. You’ll get the great features of higher-priced strollers at much lower costs!

Your Lifestyle

When it comes to how to pick a stroller, you need to make sure it fits your lifestyle. If you travel on public transport a lot, pick a slimmer stroller. For families living in the countryside pick one with sturdy wheels that can handle muddy walks. If you’re often climbing up and down flights of stairs, a lightweight stroller is a must!

If you have an ever-changing life, choose an all-purpose stroller to cover all your needs.

How Much Space You Have

Strollers can be big and bulky, so find a place in your home to store it and measure the space you have. This will help you narrow down the types of strollers you can choose from. If you have a small home, opt for something slimmer and compactable.

Upgrade Your Stroller

If you choose a stroller that’s simple and budget-friendly, check out these stroller hacks to upgrade it. From helping it stay upright to making it more comfortable for your little one, there are plenty of ideas to take your stroller to the next level! It’s a much cheaper option and makes your stroller more versatile.

Get Ready for Tons of Fun

Once you’ve learned how to choose a stroller and found one that’s perfect for you and your family, you’ll be glad you put in the time. As something you’ll be using frequently, it’s worth making sure you get it right! When you’ve got it and your little ones here, all that’s left to do is have tons of fun.

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