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How to Become a Good Role Model for Your Child

How to Become a Good Role Model for Your Child

Your children don’t just need you to be a parent; they also need you to be a good role model. So, if you don’t feel like you have been up to now, for whatever reason, then it’s time you started trying to become one. To do this, you may have to stop doing things that you’ve long been accustomed to doing, and you may have to start acting in a way in which you’ve never acted before. Here’s what you should be aiming to do specifically to turn yourself into the role model your kids so desperately need:

Sort family problems out amicably

All families have problems, be that issues that bubble away under the surface or ones that explode at a certain point, so trying to stop your family from having them is a waste of time. What is not a waste of time, however, is doing your absolute best to sort these problems out in as amicable a fashion as possible whenever and however they arise, as doing so shows your kids how to deal with such situations in the healthiest ways possible.

If you and your other half, which could be your children’s other parent or any step-parents that you have introduced into their life, ever have any relationship problems, for instance, then you should be doing your best to remain amicable with one another whenever your kids are in your vicinity. You should even consider seeking relationship and marriage therapy, such as that which is provided by Naya clinics, as this would show to your children that problems can be sorted when everybody remains calm about them, and everybody is proactive in the way that they deal with them. Whatever you do, just do not let your personal problems overspill and become common knowledge in your household — if they do, make sure you talk to your children about them to ensure that they are not bottling anything up.

Be dependable at all times

If you don’t want to raise your child to be a person that is always letting others down, then you need to show yourself to be dependable at all times. This means making sure you are on time to pick them up from school or extra-curricular clubs when you previously said you would be there; this means fulfilling all of the promises that you make to, such as taking them to the park or attending any competitions they are in; and this means always putting them before work obligations. Once they see you do all of this, they will have a far greater insight into what it takes to be someone that can be relied on, and this will only go on to benefit them as they grow older and have a family of their own.

Don’t be afraid to get emotional

Showing your emotional side in front of your children is not something to avoid, and it is not a sign or weakness, so, especially if you are raising boys, make sure you are open to doing it. It is imperative that boys see their parents become emotional from time to time because there is a preconceived notion that, to be masculine, you cannot show emotion. Growing up with this idea in their minds, however, will only ever lead your boys down a path of self-destruction, as, rather than cry, they’ll release their emotions out in another, far less healthy manner, which could then involve them either hurting themselves or other people. So, make sure you are showing your children that it is okay to be emotional and that it is okay to cry, especially if your children are boys.

Teach them skepticism

You should not ruin your children’s childhood by killing their innocence completely, but it is healthy to teach them to be somewhat skeptical, especially in regards to the role models that they choose for themselves in life. By opening up their eyes to the fact that not everybody they trust will be reliable, and by, instead, teaching them to follow their gut feeling rather than what they see with their eyes, you will build for them ideal lessons to stick to in later life. From these foundations, they will be able to harness healthy personal development for themselves and then build a successful career for themselves going forward.

Own up to your mistakes

As you probably already know, children naturally like to hide any mistakes that they make from their parents. Whether it’s a spilled drink or a broken window, your children will, more than likely, not own up to the mistakes that they make, even if it was an accident, in fear of getting in trouble. This is not a healthy trait for any child to grow up with, however, so you need to be trying to stamp it out of your children as early as possible. To do this, you have to be a role model in the way that you deal with your own mistakes — to the point; you have to own up to them whenever you make them. An example of this could be you shouting at your children or your spouse unceremoniously because you’ve had a tough day at work, but then owning up to the mistake that you’ve made by apologizing to everybody that you shouted at and explaining why you did it. By doing this sort of thing continuously, your children will be far more likely to admit the truth to you — when they grow up with this trait, their teenage years will be made far easier, both for you and them.

Whether you’ve been a good role model to your children in the past, or not, there’s nothing stopping you from starting now. So, make sure you sort your family problems out amicably, ensure that you are dependable, show your emotional side, teach them some skepticism, and own up to your mistakes — when you do all of this, you’ll become the role model that your children need.

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