How To Baby Proof Your Bathroom

Once your child starts to crawl and later walk, every room in the house becomes a potential threat. The little one will instantly look for something interesting, aside from the toys, to play with which is why you must eliminate all the possible hazards.

How To Baby Proof Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be particularly interesting to search through, which is why you must pay special attention to babyproofing it. In order to prevent your child from hurting him or herself, make sure you complete a few tasks.

What to Pay Attention to the Most

Close the bathroom door each time you leave the restroom, in order to prevent your child from going in without you. It is never a good idea to let him or her roaming the room without your supervision. Bathroom is full of different chemicals, detergents and water threats, and it is not the place for your child to be alone. Furthermore, install a hook-and-eye latch on the outside of the door for even better protection.

If a child loses his or her balance, they can easily slip into the toilet. Young children do not have the necessary coordination and they could easily drown in this situation. In order to avoid a hazard, put the lid on the toilet down. Moreover, install a toilet lock, which will prevent the child from lifting the lid up.

Razors, baby nail clippers, tweezers, scissors, and any other sharp objects should be placed in locked cabinets. If you do not have one, a high closet can be just as good place for storing all the dangerous items. As long as they are out of child’s reach, it is a great place.

When it comes to medications, they can also be a potential threat for the child, considering kids adore playing with little boxes and bottles. Therefore, any pills, ointments, herbs, or powders should be safely stored in a cabinet that only you can unlock and reach.

Hair dryers, curling and flat irons, as well as any other device that produces heat should be outside the child’s reach, on a high shelf or in a locked drawer. Moreover, it should always be turned off if you are not using it. Do not leave the curling iron for a second turned on, on a counter if you are not in the room. You never know if the child will be able to reach the cord and burn her or himself with the device.

Make sure you have installed the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). This will help you keep the plugged in items away from water, including bathtub, sink, or toilet. It is an inexpensive life-protection, of both your and your child’s life.

Another important thing to keep in mind is a rubber math. Place the nonslip mat inside the tub and outside of it. This will prevent the child from slipping and hurting a head, arm, or any other part of the body.

Hardware and plumbing fixtures should be with soft edges. If you already have the ones with sharp edges, the perfect way to make them safer is to use a soft cover on hardware. Not only is this safer for children but for adults as well.

Children are naturally very curious and like to explore as soon as they start to walk. Therefore, make sure you have baby proofed the entire house, because there will probably be times when you will lose them from your sight. In order for your child to be unharmed during that and every other moment, keep the bathroom door closed, every sharp and dangerous items outside the child’s reach, and make sure they will not slip and hit on some sharp piece of furniture. Follow these suggestions and your child will be perfectly safe.

How To Babyproof Your Bathroom